Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Iris Festival

On Friday evening we headed to the Keizer Iris Festival with some friends! The kids had a great time riding the rides.
 Here, the kids are dancing and are so excited while the parents buy tickets!
 Daddy and Gagey riding the fire truck! 
This was the only ride that Gage was tall enough to go on which was a little disappointing because he was able to ride all the rides at Lagoon last year.
 Maisey piloting an airplane
 Maisey, Gage, and Peyton riding in the fire truck

After the festival we headed over to Uncle Scott's bonfire. We had a great time chatting around the fire and eating smores! Yum!!!
 Gage was in heaven! He loves being outside!
Maisey had a lot of fun too!

On Saturday morning, we headed back down to Keizer for the Iris Parade. It did not disappoint! The kids had a great time and Maisey actually did pretty well with all of the characters! Gage still hated the sirens and car horns honking but loved the rest of it! He was sure a funny guy that day.

 We love the Keizer Iris Festival and look forward to it every year!

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Jana Porter said...

oh that brings back memories! hey i need your address will you email it to me? thanks!