Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Finishing Up May: Baptism, Pump it Up, Yard Work

I can't believe today is the last day of May! Here is last week's update!

 We were driving down the freeway last week and happened upon the Wienermobile! Imagine Gage's excitement. Now imagine Gage screaming "dot dog, dot dog, dot dog" over and over again. There, it was like you were in the car with us!

 We had Maisey's end-of-the-year preschool picnic party. Maisey LOVED it and is really going to miss going to preschool this summer.Teacher Angela made these cute pillow cases for the kids and each of the kids in the class put their hand prints on all of the pillow cases. Maisey also got the book "Clifford's Graduation" and she got to take home her seat spot and her name! It was a great night!

 In preparation for our vacation, we tried putting Gage in his big boy bed for nap time and bed time last week.We really don't want to have to take our pack n' play with us, but it looks like we will have to. The bed time lasted about 3 minutes! Oh well!

On Friday, my mom babysat for us so Shaun and I could go to dinner and then to the temple to help with our ward's youth baptisms. It was a nice night out!

 Saturday was a very special day for us! Remember when I posted about this family almost 2 years ago? Well, Shaun had the opportunity of baptizing Victoria. She is such a smart and determined young woman. We are so proud of the choices she has made and for the chance that we had to be a part of her conversion process.
 Maisey loved being at the baptism. She can't wait to turn 8!

Also on Saturday, we got to meet up with my Aunt Judy and Uncle Alan from Idaho and my cousin and her husband too. It was fun visiting with them over lunch! I love my family!

 Our van hit the 100,000 mile mark! I know I'm lame that I took a picture of it, but I always love when I notice cool number patterns on my odometer. Shaun makes fun of me! We are praying that our van will hold up for the rest of this year and then we will be in the market for a new one early next year!

On Sunday night, we told the kids we had a fun surprise for them the next morning. Maisey was guessing all night what it was. She guessed it right several times but we never told her that she got it right. When we pulled up to the parking lot, she almost jumped out of her car seat. She LOVES Pump it Up and always, seriously at least once a day, asks if we can go!
 Getting ready to box it out!
 Daddy putting Maisey in her place!
 Maisey haulin' down the slide! I love her face!
 Gage caught some major speed!
 Maisey rockin' the obstacle course!
 And Daddy showin' everyone how it's done!

After Pump it Up, we came home, put the kids down for nap and got to work! Every time I look at our yard, I cringe. We have so much to do! We mowed, weeded 3 of our 9 raised garden beds, and spread 3 1/2 cubic yards of bark dust! We worked until 7:30 pm. It was a looong afternoon but we made significant progress. Our yard debris bin is overflowing so I will have to wait until next week to do anymore out there.

The kids loved flinging the bark dust all over the driveway with their shovels. We put an end to that pretty quickly when we paid Maisey $2 to push Gage in the swing!

Gage thought it was pretty funny to ride his four wheeler up the mound until he fell over backwards and hit his head on the driveway and got bark all up his back and down his shorts.

He was quite the helper spraying off the driveway.
*Note to Self: DO NOT make husband pressure wash driveway earlier in Spring if you are planning on spreading bark later on. It WILL NOT make him happy!

We promised the kids a bike ride earlier on in the day, so after all of the yard work was complete and we were completely exhausted, we loaded them and their dinner up in the trailer and went for a ride. They loved testing out the new trailer!

We had a great week last week and we are looking forward to a slightly less busy week this week. Janel, and possibly Ryan, come into town on Thursday and we are looking forward to hanging with them!


Desiree said...

I like how you do your weekly updates of all the things you do. Maybe I should start doing that. What kind of bike did you get? You guys do a lot of neat things!

Brandon and Angela Hoopes said...

It was so fun to be Maisey's preschool teacher, and I'm glad she will be in preschool next year, also! Pump it up looks like a ton of fun! We've never been there, but looks like something that my boys would love!