Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Rest of April

My trip to Utah was jam-packed full of food, family, and shopping, with a little bit of graduation in between. I mean, that IS why I went in the first place!

On our flight to SLC, there was a little boy named Gage and he pretty much screamed the whole time. I had serious flashbacks of my trip to Denver in January. Haha! It also made me miss my big guy just a little bit and I'd only been away for 2 hours!

On our way  home from the airport we HAD to stop at In N' Out! YUM!!!

 I brought a bunch of baby stuff for Kate to look through so we stayed up late doing that and just visiting with each other! It was so nice to not have to worry about giving baths or putting kids to bed!

Thursday morning I took my mom on a VERY long walk/run! We did it in preparation for TOUCANOS!!! She had never been there before, but I had and I knew we would be eating a ton!

 The waiters came over and sang to Kate and Blair because they were graduating!
(Look how cute my preggo sis looks!)

 My mom LOVED eating there!

After lunch we ran a few errands including Seagull Book and Deseret Book. My mom and I both bought a ton, but don't worry! I had a whole empty suitcase from all the baby stuff that I brought for Kate! :)

Next, we headed to the Commencement ceremony. We got caught in some freak wind storm and I was trying to walk in heals, carry my purse and my large camera bag, talk on the phone to Shaun, and hold my skirt down so the wind didn't blow it up and flash everyone. It was probably quite comical to watch.

 Elder Scott spoke at the ceremony and it was reeeaaaaaallllllly long, but had some good points.

 We took a few pics after, but it was really windy, and we were standing on a hill so they didn't turn out too great!

We went over to Kate and Blair's that night for a nice dinner and these to-die-for Oreo Cupcakes. Shaun's sister Janel met up with us and we stayed up waaaaaaay to late visiting!

Friday we got up and going pretty early because we had the convocation ceremony. The speakers were much shorter and did a really good job. Then we got to the presenting of the graduates. YAY!!!

 Blair and Kate walking across the stage!

 Blair and Kate walking back to their seats. They were easy to spot in the sea of blue gowns because Kate was wearing her hot pink heals!

More pictures!

That afternoon we met up with Janel again and ate at Cafe Rio for lunch. Then we spent the rest of the day shopping and running errands. That night we met up with Shaun's cousin, Amy and ate dinner at Rumbi. We all went back to Kate's to play games and again stayed up waaaaaay too late!

On Saturday, we needed to finish up visiting all of our favorite places to shop! We met up with my aunt Nancy and her husband Hal for lunch at Pizza Factory then headed up to Sandy to visit with my friend Jana who had just a baby a few weeks before. I hadn't seen her for like 3 years! It was so fun to catch up with her and her family and to hold her new little boy! After that we went to visit my aunt Sue who just had her gall bladder removed a few days before. Then we headed to the airport, and ran to our gate -- home alone style!

On our flight we sat behind a cute little boy who told me he wanted to marry me in the Salt Lake temple and shared his peanuts with me through the seat crack. When we were getting off the plane he invited me to come to his house to visit. It was cute and made me really excited to see my own kids!

The trip felt really short, but by Saturday evening I was ready to see my kids! When Gage saw us he went straight for his Grammy! What a blow to my ego! haha! He is such a grammy's boy! Gage pretty much cried the whole way home from the airport and I didn't know why. As soon as we got home he went diarrhea all over the place. Shaun had told me a few times on the phone that he was really sick (this is going back to this post when they were both sick!) but I didn't realize how bad it was. More on this in a minute. I got him all cleaned up and just cuddled him in the rocking chair for a little while.

The next morning was Easter! We have 8 o'clock church, and so mommy "talked" to the Easter Bunny when I was in Utah and asked if he would come after church while the kids were taking their naps. The Easter Bunny went a little big this year--both kids got bikes! Maisey has been begging for a bike for a while now and it would have been cruel to make her wait ALL summer until her birthday. I knew if she got one, Gage would want it! So they just both got them.

They each got a few outfits for the summer, some play-doh, and Maisey got Tangled and Gage got Chicken Little.

 Maisey sporting her new bike! She was so excited! She just kept saying, "A bicycle, a bicycle, a bicycle!" It was really cute.

 Gagey needed a little help riding his, but I bet by the end of the summer he will have it down! 

Gage loved finding the eggs for the egg hunt!

 Maisey checking out her eggs!

She was so excited to find money inside! She took all of her money from the egg hunt to the store to buy a horn for her new bike! Lucky me!

We had a nice Easter dinner with some friends, our ward missionaries, and my mom and brother.

The next day, I took Gage to the doctor. His bum was bleeding because of the horrible diaper rash he got when I was in Utah. The doc gave us a prescription for burn cream. It has helped it a lot but his bum now has scars on it. That's how bad his rash was. :( It is really sad.

Tuesday was my catch up day! I seriously needed it! I wrote 22 blogs for my job, which is a ton! I usually only do about 5 a day. . . if I'm lucky!

On Wednesday Kate flew home! And the craziness started all over again! Lots of eating and visiting family and friends, oh yeah, and I threw her a baby shower on Thursday night! I just realized how much of a slacker I am for the lack of variety of pictures. No pics of family and friends in Utah and no pics of the baby shower. Oh well! It went really well. She got a lot of great stuff that she really needed.

Friday night was our Stake Temple Night which we all went to and then we enjoyed a kid-free dinner after. It was really nice. Saturday morning, Kate came to Maisey's t-ball game and then we shopped all afternoon. Surprised? Saturday night was the adult session of Stake Conference. Some of my friends and Kate and my mom and I all went to dinner first. It was a fun girls evening. We met up with the men for the session, which was AWESOME!

On Sunday, we had church at 10 because of conference! It was soooo much better than 8 am! We had a nice BBQ at my mom's then headed back up to our house for Kate and Maisey to watch Tangled and have a sleep over!

Monday we met up with my aunt's family for pizza, and Tuesday, Kate flew home!

I told you we've been busy! I just counted and we leave in 7 weeks for our big summer trip!

WOW! That was long!

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