Monday, May 16, 2011

Last Week in Review

Last Sunday we had a nice Mother's Day. I got a homemade card from Shaun and the kids (mostly Maisey). The card was very well decorated with some heartfelt words. It really meant a lot to me. Also inside the card were three coupons. One was for an hour long back massage which you better believe I redeemed that night. The other two were for a bike and a bike trailer!

So, Monday night for family home evening we went to pick out a bike. I'll have to post pics of it once I actually get to ride it. It's been rainy almost all week so I haven't taken it for a spin yet. Daddy got his Father's Day present early because he, too, got a bike! We also bought helmets, a bike pump, bike locks, and a new camping tent! It was a very expensive trip, but all stuff that we needed! Then we headed to DQ for a FHE treat!

On Tuesday, we went to the zoo for play group. It was a lot of fun, but also a lot of work! Gage didn't want to stay in his stroller and didn't want to stay by me. He also threw some MAJOR fits, but we all survived! It was fun to go with friends!

Wednesday was my laundry day. Enough said.

Thursday was a catch up/run errands day!

And Friday. . . we all love Fridays! Shaun took Gage on his first Father/Son camp out! Gage was so excited to go and Shaun reported that they had a great time!

Since the boys were gone Friday night, Maisey and I met some friends for some ice cream and games! It was a lot of fun! Then we had our own version of a camp out in the family room. I slept on the couch while Maisey slept in her princess tent on the floor next to me! She thought it was pretty special.

Saturday was Maisey's last T-ball game! She has improved quite a bit over the last 6 weeks. Both times up to bat, she was able to hit the ball on the first try. 

 She also fielded a ball and threw it to second base! We will be working on her throw during the off season! :)

After the game we headed to Maisey's coach's house for a team party. Well, it just so happens that Maisey's coach is one of our good friends and the only other family from the team that came happens to be our other good friends! It was so fun for the kids to play and the adults to chat! We ended up staying waaaay to long that it wasn't worth putting our kids down for naps, so we decided on a quite time, then an early bed time.

 Well, this is how our quiet time ended up!

Yesterday, our kids seemed to be more rowdy during church than usual! In the evening we headed to our friends' house for dinner. I brought this amazing fruit pizza! YUM!!!


What a week! This one proves to be just as busy! They all do!

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