Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Laundry Mishaps

Most people hate laundry. I am one of the few who actually doesn't mind it. I'm just grateful that I don't have to wash all my clothes by hand -- then I would hate it! I don't mind scrubbing stains, keeping up with switching the loads, folding clothes right out of the dryer, even matching socks!  But, today was a different story. Today I was frustrated for 3 reasons:

*Reason #1 - A strap on one of my tank tops ripped off in the washer. Probably the least expensive mishap of the day, but still annoying.

*Reason #2 - I accidentally dried my skinny jeans. They were already on the snug side when I bought them last month, and I was always sure to hang dry them. This week they were sneaky and made their way into the dryer.

*Reason #3 - Gage peed on his BYU football pillow, so I decided to wash it. I've washed Maisey's Minnie Mouse pillow several times before without any incident, so I didn't even think twice about putting it in the wash. I took the outer cover off and washed it with Gage's sheets that he also peed on. I put the inside of the pillow in with my sheets. I went to change the laundry and this is what I found. I almost cried.

 I took each piece out of the washer and couldn't believe that this once was shaped into a football pillow.
 Here is the sad lifeless cover of the pillow. Not sure what I am going to do about it now!


DaNae said...

I did cry the other day when I dried one of my favorite shirts! Hate when that happens.

that's what she said...

eeek! what a day! i've dyed matt's underwear, almost all of it, pink once. he wasn't too thrilled about it. lol. hope you can fix that pillow okay!

Monica McCoy said...

Ohh, I would have cried for sure. I bet you and your crafty self can fix that pillow. I know you can!