Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Few Random Things

* Maisey loves to look her calendar and ask about everything that is written on all the days. This used to take forever, until we limited the calendar to one month a night. Tonight, it was May's turn. So we flipped open to May and we started with May day, then Cinco de Mayo, then Mother's day, then Luke's birthday, etc, etc, etc, until the end of the month. The final thing written in May was Maisey's last day of preschool. With out missing a beat she said, "Oh, tear!" She makes me laugh.

* We were matching the DVD that I made from our video camera in December of 2010. It had Maisey's gymnastic performance on it, as well as Christmas with Grammy, and real Christmas. Gage thought it was so funny to watch himself on TV and on the section of Christmas with Grammy he opened a dino flashlight from her. In real life, he got so excited and went and found the dino flashlight and starting copying everything he was doing with it on the TV. It was pretty funny to watch him. We may be breaking out the home videos more often.

* Maisey is STILL obsessed with death. Tonight she was talking about it with Shaun and I and she said that on time someone told her that when you lay in a hospital bed you go to heaven. I asked her who told her that and she said she wouldn't tell me. Then she asked us if there was a tunnel that leads from the hospital to heaven. I told her that her Papa who lives in heaven was very proud of her for singing his favorite hymn today. She said she already knew. I think she must have a special relationship with her Papa who lives in heaven.

* I survived our ward youth conference. More to come on that later, I just wanted to get these little memories down tonight.

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