Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What I've done since we've been back!

I am still EXHAUSTED from our trip! I haven't been to the gym once since I've been home, and my to-do list just keeps getting longer and longer. Next week, I'm getting back into routine.

But this is what I've done in between the almost daily naps.

 Made freezer jam with 30 lbs of strawberries and 15 lbs of raspberries.

Picked another 15 lbs of strawberries to make strawberry bread for home teaching and visiting teaching families. Delivered said bread.

Made homemade strawberry syrup! Can't wait to try it out tomorrow night for dinner!

I also took Maisey to the hospital to have some testing done that her pediatrician recommended (too many uti's). That was entertaining!

They did an ultrasound on her kidneys and bladder and then they gave her some sedation before the next procedure. I sat her up on the bed and got my camera out to take her picture and as soon as I snapped the picture she started falling off the bed! Haha! I didn't know the medicine would work so fast. Let's just say I put the camera away for the rest of our visit at the hospital.
She was HILARIOUS on this medication! She told me that she wanted to name a baby Crayon. She was saying all sorts of silly things. She also made up and sang/yelled a crazy song about stickers! She also told me to take her pictures making silly faces. I just grabbed my phone and snapped a few.

 She was soooo loopy and I'm glad she doesn't really remember anything. Having a catheter is NOT fun, especially for a 3-year old. 

We stopped for a doughnut on the way home because she couldn't eat after dinner the night before. She scarfed the doughnut down and was asleep within minutes. I moved her to her bed when we got home and she was out!

The doctor called a few days later and said everything looked good! I'm glad everything is fine, but it is still puzzling why she gets so many uti's.

We have also been busy planning this little girl's birthday!
August is always a busy month for us so it's hard to fit a party in, but this little girl has been planning every detail, so we will make sure to fit one in for her!

I also completed 2/3 of the triathlon that I will be doing in 6 WEEKS!!!!!! I rode 12 miles on my bike then ran 3.1 miles. It went better than I expected and I am so pumped about this race!

Maisey had a sleepover with Grammy this week! They painted nails, played games, and watched Chihuahua the Movie (which btw, is NOT a kid movie!!!). When Grammy was driving her home, this was their conversation:

Maisey: Grammy, when you have a sleep over at my house?
Grammy: I have slept at your house.
Maisey (in a very serious voice): You slept in Gagey's room. His room smells like pee. You should sleep in my room. It smells like cake balls!

I guess it hasn't been too bad of a week! My house just looks like I haven't done anything since we've been home! It will have to stay like that until next week because I'm heading to Southern Oregon for the weekend for our ward youth conference. This is going to be such a great experience for our youth. I'm way excited!


Desiree said...

Why DO boys' rooms seem to smell like pee? Ha ha, that's so funny. I love that hers smells like cake balls. Wow, that's a lot of jam! Yum!

Jana said...

you make me tired just reading your blog! someday i hope to be half the housewife you are!

Jenny said...

Poor Maisey. Tori had that done a few months ago, but they didn't sedate her. It was awful, but she was a trooper. They didn't find anything wrong with Tori, either!