Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Week 2: Tuacahn's The Little Mermaid

Tuacahn is an outdoor theater in St. George that is surrounded by beautiful redrock. This summer they are featuring The Little Mermaid. Boy, were Maisey and Shayla excited to see it!

We made a girls night out of it and left the little brothers at home with the Daddies.

Me, Kelsey, and Maisey

Christina, Grammy, and Shayla

We decided to take the girls to the dinner before hand! They got to eat Ariel's chicken tenders, french fries, mac n' cheese, and ice cream!

Look at those excited eyes!!!

Can't wait for it to start!

We brought Sue along with us too! She is always sooo much fun and fits right in with our group!

Once the show started you weren't allowed to take pictures, but I snapped this one on my phone real quick. She was so mesmerized by it all and on the edge of her seat, litterally! She was so fun to watch!

And then, it started raining. At first it was just a little so the show was on rain delay for about 10 min. It let up so they started it again, and within 30 seconds of the show starting, it started pouring again!!!
The girls were safe under Shayla's new beach towel that she just got at the gift shop just hours before!

I was not so safe. I was wearing a white skirt, which soon became see through because it was raining so bad!

After about 20 minutes, the storm passed, and the show resumed! We made it all the way through! Yay!!

After the show, we were getting ready to head to the car, when we saw Flounder come out. There was a huge long line waiting to see him and take pictures, and so we decided to just keep walking. I didn't think Maisey would actually take a picture with him anyway. But then, seconds later, Ariel and Prince Eric came walking out. I grabbed my camera and took a few pics of them by themselves, and before I knew it, Maisey (my child who is deathly afraid of costumed people) ran under the ropes and cut in front of hundreds of people in line and went right up to Ariel! I was SHOCKED! I hurried and took a picture and then Christina quickly pushed Shayla under the ropes too so we got one of both of them together! With in seconds a Tuacahn worker came over and sternly told us that the line started waaaaay over there. We apologized, gathered the girls, and headed to our car, avoiding the two hour long line!

I wish I would have realized that Maisey was still wearing Kelsey's coat from when it was raining. I would have taken it off if I had a second, but it all happened so fast! Even writing about it now, I am still sooooo surprised she did that!

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