Friday, July 8, 2011

Week 2: Zion National Park

On Friday, we headed to Zion National Park to hike around. We were only planning on being there for an hour or two but ended up staying longer. It was soooo beautiful and our kids were surprisingly very good.
View from the Grotto Trail

We saw lots of squirrels on our hikes.

And we saw a deer. It's kinda hard to see in the picture though.

Dad was a trooper and carried Gage all the way up!
And Maisey was a fantastic hiker! She stayed with me the whole time, even when Dad dragged us on an advanced hike! She was AWESOME! All of the other hikers commented on how well she did.

This was the water fall we hiked to. Maisey was a little disappointed when we got there because the other falls we've hiked to in Oregon and Idaho have had a ton more water coming off of them. But it was still beautiful for the desert.

Gage enjoyed the Lower Emerald Pools trail the most because we let him out of the backpack when we got there. He ended up sitting right in the middle of the pool and then sat on the red sand. Dad wasn't too happy when Gage had to get back in the backpack and got red sand all over him.

 Maisey liked to stop and make handprints in the sand. We also enjoyed searching for "Bigfoot" footprints while we were hiking.

Look at these amazing red rock walls. We were completely surrounded by them.

We brought 3 of my cousins with us! The kids had fun throwing rocks into the Upper Emerald Pool which was much bigger than the lower and middle that we had hiked to.

Gage got red, sandy mud all over his face!

I took a turn with Gage on the way down! That was sure a workout!

This picture should be at the top  but I'm not going to move it all the way up there! We are riding the shuttle to the beginning ouf our trail. They were so excited to set out on this adventure.

We are so glad that we made time for this activity. We can't wait to go back again, and we also really want to go to Arches sometime!

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