Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Courtesy of the BB

I had a bunch of random pictures on my blackberry that needed to come off, so here they are in no particular order:
 Our YW in Excellence is tonight.
The theme is Have I Done Any Good? I made, ok, my mom mostly made, a ton of smiley face sugar cookies for the refreshments.

While she made the cookies, I made these frames! Turned out pretty cute for whipping them out the night before and having NO previous ideas!

 Maisey found some stick on nails in one of her make up kits and begged to do them! I love having a girl to do these kinds of things with!

 Gage got a new do! The hawk only lasted 2.5 seconds until it was buzzed too!

 I've been canning like crazy and I'm ready to be done! My awesome friend taught me how to do it and it's really not that hard! I'm hoping to finish up with my pears tomorrow and then I might be brave and try applesauce. We'll see!

 Gage has 2 current obsessions: Not listening to you/Running away from you and talking on the phone. He hates when you tell him it's time to get dressed and runs away all the time. And as soon as he hears my phone go off, he is at my feet begging to talk to whoever it is. And when you are on the phone with the insurance company 500 times a day it's not very convenient for him to have this obsession!

 One day Maisey wanted all of her flowers in her hair because Rapunzel wears flowers in her hair!

 Filling up the pool one hot afternoon!

 70 lbs of pears waiting to ripen!

 I made these cookies last weekend for the much anticipated BYU vs. Utah game. Too bad we got CREAMED!!! At least our friends were nice about it and didn't rub it in too bad.

 The day after BYU lost, Maisey went running to her room right after church. She came out to me all changed and said, "Mommy, I'm wearing all red because the Utah Utes won yesterday!" What a trader!

Speaking of BYU, we got our football tickets in the mail today for the game against Oregon State next month! Hopefully BYU can work all the kinks out by then because we didn't just pay $100/per ticket to watch them loose by 40+ points!!!

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