Friday, September 23, 2011

Gage and His Big Boy Bed

 We took Gage's crib down almost 2 weeks ago! He had learned how to climb out fall out, and I was worried one of these times he was really going to hurt himself. So we moved him into his BIG BOY BED permanently! Let's just say it's been an interesting 2 weeks!

 We moved his train table into his room (YAY! I get my family room back) and it's so nice having more space in there for him to play.

Unfortunately, he likes to play all.night.long. He often tuckers himself out and just falls asleep anywhere except for his big boy bed. We had to start shutting his door with the child proof handle on the inside so he wouldn't come out. Then we open it a little after he's asleep so he can come out in the morning.

Here are a few of his sleeping positions:


 These 2 pictures of him in his closet freaked me out! Shaun was in Atlanta for work so I was home by myself. I had put him to bed but before he was asleep I got into bed. I turned the news on and ended up falling asleep watching it. I woke around 12:30 am turned the TV off and decided to go check on the kids. I went into Gage's room and he wasn't in his bed. I checked on the other side of his bed. Not there. I checked under his train table. Also not there. I went into Maisey's room. He wasn't in there. I preceded to check the family room, kitchen, MY room, the bathrooms. He was no where! And of course Shaun was gone so he couldn't help me look and I was seriously ready to call the police. My 2-year old was missing!!! I said a quick prayer, decided to look in his closet, which the door was COMPLETELY closed and there he was, snuggled up to his blankie in there. It was definitely a scary night!

This particular night he decided to empty his dresser AND his hamper and mix all the clothes together!

We just have to make it through the next month or so and it should get better, right?

Well, tonight is date night so I don't have to worry about it! 

Good thing we have an awesome baby sitter!


that's what she said...

oh man, that would be scary!!! glad he was just hiding. and yeah, our kids have no ceiling light, there's a childproof lock on their door, there's no toys, blackout shades. they go right to bed that's for sure. this will all change when the baby comes and we need the playroom back-but for now, i love it. :)

Randi said...

asleep in his closet with the door shut! i would have been inconsolable even after i found him, too scary.

DaNae said...

What?! Shaun was in Atlanta and didn't even see us...he better have been super busy with work! jk.

Erin Glover said...

That is funny...Kherington has been in a toddler bed for awhile now. We hear her playing and moving around for HOURS, but she always manages to get herself back in bed for sleeping time (minus the last couple nights she has climbed up into Kevin's crib.

I love that you have it documented...different outfits and everything :)