Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Plan C

I finally think the car thing is settled! We got our settlement check in the mail last week and come Friday, we decided to NOT go car shopping. We just went out on a date! We went to Costco to buy my shelves (post to come!) went to dinner and a movie (Crazy Stupid Love = Surprisingly Cute and Funny!) and talked about cars. Plan A was to buy a new van and fix the totaled car. Plan B was to keep the van and buy a pickup. We weren't really feeling either of those plans so we went to Plan C. A Toyota Corolla! We talked about it during dinner and driving home from the date and it just seemed like the most logical thing to do. So we spent the weekend looking online for what we wanted and then Monday we went and bought it! When we were test driving it the salesman asked if I wanted to drive it. I said, "Nope! If he likes it we're getting it!" I was just so ready for the process to be over.

We are the proud new owners of:

A 2008 Toyota Corolla in BYU blue!
(Shaun has already shopped around for a nice "Y" window decal!)

Aaaaannnnndddd. . .

We got what is hopefully the final letter in the mail today from Allstate. It read:

Dear Mr. Grimmett,

We sincerely regret your dissatisfaction of your claim handling and thank you for the opportunity to extend this additional $100.00 as a measure of good will.

Ha! Shouldn't it say "our claim handling" since WE are dissatisfied with the way THEY are handling the claim? They are just lame! At least we got 100 bucks out of it. Although, I'm not sure $100 is worth the stress of having your car MISSING for two days!

Whatever. It's done.

Thank goodness!

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