Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I like to be in control. Who doesn't? Unfortunately I feel very out of control with everything going on in my life right now. I wish I had control over time! Or better yet, just a handle on time. I feel like I have a million good responsibilities and activities and I don't feel like I waste any time (that's why I haven't joined Pinterest! I know it would be the death of me!) but I just have so much going on that I often feel overwhelmed! I haven't couponed or tried a new recipe in months. Both are things that are good activities, but that I just don't have time for. My house is in major need of organization and honestly a good purging! We have so much C-R-A-P, mostly toys that the kids wouldn't mind if they were missing, it just needs to all be sorted through.

Another thing that I have no control over is our car situation! Shaun and I went to the temple last week, prayed about things, and made a plan. After Shaun's brother got engaged a couple of weeks ago and announced a December wedding in Utah, we decided to buy his car back from the insurance company after it was deemed a total loss and pay our mechanic to just fix it so it ran, but didn't look pretty. Then we would replace the van before we left for Utah in December. We even found some vans that we liked online and got a sitter for Friday night so we could go on a date and go car shopping. The insurance company called Shaun today to let him know that everything was settled and they would be putting a check in the mail today. So Shaun called our mechanic to give him the green light on fixing our car. He told Shaun that the insurance company (which btw is Allstate and we've been very unimpressed with) towed the car away 2 days ago! WHAT????? They knew we were buying it back, they knew we weren't being charged any storage fees for keeping it there. There was no logical reason to tow it and they are covering the costs of towing it back and the storage fees for the last few days. And now our mechanic told Shaun that his friend is actually going to fix it for us and his friend isn't even sure if it can be fixed!!!! I'm just really frustrated by this all because we felt like we were making a good decision in moving ahead with a new van, but now this is all happening! So, we might be back to plan B which was buying Shaun a new pickup and keeping the van for a while. :( Again, NO CONTROL!

And, remember when I auditioned for Wheel of Fortune a couple of years ago? Well, they are coming back to Oregon again this weekend and next. We are crazy busy both weekends, but I may try to squeeze in some time to run out to the coast and try again. I want to be on that show SOOOO bad! Another thing I have NO CONTROL over.

So I just said we've been very unimpressed with Allstate. You want to hear about my conversation with their adjuster? Well, you're going to anyway. He called me after looking at Shaun's car. He asked me a bunch of questions. Some of them included:
* Do you accept the appraisal value of the car? I said, "I don't know, I need to talk it over with my husband"
* Are you being charged any storage fees? I said, "I don't know" I knew we weren't but wasn't sure if I was supposed to say that or not.
* Do you have full coverage on your car? Because if you do, you might want to file a claim through your own insurance to get everything settled quicker. I said, "I don't know" Even though we DO have full coverage on the car. They don't need to know that. Their insurer was responsible for the accident and THEY need to cover it.

After my third "I don't know" answer the adjuster said to me, "You're like interviewing Bill Clinton. Did you have sexual relations outside of marriage? I don't know!"

As soon as I hung up with him, I called Shaun. I was mad and offended, but Shaun was livid. He called this guy's supervisor and chewed him out! And we ended up getting more money out of all this because he was such an idiot!

I will never be insured with Allstate! And that IS something I have control over! :)

Thanks for listening to my rants! Hopefully all of this will pass soon!

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Brandon and Angela Hoopes said...

How frustrating! I can't believe that Allstate guy! At least no matter what happens you will be getting some kind of new car!