Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February. . . so far!

 Maisey loves to play her Silverlicious game that she got for her birthday. It's kind of hard to play with Gage around, so one night her and I went in her room and shut the door to have a little girl time and this is what we played. I may be a little embarrassed to admit that that is my drawing of Carlos Cupid in the middle of the page. I am soooo not good at drawing. At the bottom of the paper, Maisey wrote, "Gage I love u" all by herself! :) 

 Grammy came up to our house before church last Sunday! The kids sure loved seeing her!

 Shaun made a race track with masking tape that goes all through the house. It has kept this kid busy for HOURS!!!

 Shaun and I went ventured into the ghetto of Portland ghettos to go to this basketball game. . .

 . . . and cheer on our COUGARS!!!!! 
(BYU beat U of P by 19, but when I took this pic we weren't playing very well so Shaun was trying to force a smile. This is the best he could give me!)

 Gage slept in my arms on the couch last week and I soaked up every minute of stillness with this busy body!

 We've had some AMAZING weather lately (the rain comes tonight, BOO!) so we've been riding bikes, roller skating, and playing at the park. 

 I started a project for Maisey and the baby! Matching tutus to go with the cute matching shirts I bought. I'm going to LOVE having two girls! Hopefully I'm still saying that in 10 years!

 I spent my Saturday making invitations: baby shower and New Beginnings. It seems like life never slows down!

Shaun made a BIG mistake this weekend. We were preparing our grub for the Super Bowl Party we were going to and I asked him for help. He gladly took the assignment of making queso dip. His big mistake? He let it out that he knows how to follow a recipe! It was fabulous, I had to kick my self out of the kitchen just so there would be some left to take to the party. All along I thought the only thing he could make was grilled cheese. I see many more cooking days in his future!

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