Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Maisey Quotes

* To her friend, "Did you know that my mommy looks bigger than my daddy now? Her baby sure is getting big!"

* Also to her friend, "You know my Grandma that we went to lunch with today? She used to have a husband, and he is my Grandpa, and he died so now he lives in heaven." Then she ran to her room and grabbed a picture of Papa and said, "This is him. He sure does love me."

* "Mom, you know what my dream is? It is to be on the TV and the computer!"

* "Mom you are taking me to crazy!"

* A few weeks ago, Shaun was watching the State of the Union address and asked Maisey who was on TV. Maisey said, "President Monson?" When Shaun told her it was President Obama she said, "Well, I knew he was a president!"

* I turned on the Lizzie McGuire movie soundtrack in the car and Maisey said to me, "Mom this music is rockin!"

* "Gagey, if you don't finish eating your breakfast, Mommy is going to throw you in the garbage."

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