Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentines!!!

My Valentine's were looking especially cute today! We started the day off with heart-shaped doughnuts and Valentine outfits. We talked to Grandma Grimmett on the phone, which is always fun for the kids. We met Grammy Olsen for lunch then headed home for naps. After naps we met Daddy for dinner at Applebee's then headed home for gifts, and bed time.

 The kids got new thermoses and coloring kits!

This is the picture we got when we told the kids to kiss! Haha!

Even though those two are super special to me, nothing compares to my one and only Valentine! Shaun is seriously the best husband and father ever! On Sunday, I had a lot of time to think about things and share some things with my mom. I'm only 25 years old and have experienced a lot of different events and emotions in my life. There are not a lot of people my age who have been through what I have. When I got married at 19, people questioned if I was ready. I know I was because of some of these experiences. I am so thankful I have Shaun to share my life with. He helps ease my burdens and share my load. My life has definitely not gotten easier since we've been married, but I feel like with him and I working together, we can handle anything. I am thankful that he helps me to make temple attendance a priority in our marriage. The Denver Temple President spoke in Sacrament Meeting on Sunday and talked about when your family is young, it is hard to go to the temple and definitely not convenient, but that those who go frequently will be blessed. I have Shaun to thank for that. He also makes sure we have our scripture study together every night, even if I'm already asleep, he'll read aloud to me. It has been interesting to me to watch different friends and family struggle over these last few months. Some trials have torn families apart, and some have brought families closer together. I've come to realize that no family is perfect, and everyone has their problems, even if they aren't made apparent. I guess the whole point of this is that I KNOW that I am a very lucky girl to have Shaun as my Valentine today, and always! I love him more today than yesterday, and 6.5 years ago when we got married!

 And proof that he's the best, this is what I walked into when I got home from the airport late Sunday night. Flowers, cards from him and the kids, and my favorite candies! He seriously is the best!


Shaun Grimmett said...

Thanks hun! I feel the same way!!! Love you lots!

Randi said...

such a sweet post for shaun!

Brandon and Angela Hoopes said...

Glad you had a great Valentine's Day! I got married when I was 20 & I also got lots of comments from people about being too young, and it's not like I was looking to get married that young, but after meeting and dating Brandon for a while, I just KNEW it was right! And I've never had a doubt in my mind since then!