Tuesday, February 7, 2012

January Wrap-up

I've kind of been avoiding this post. I even uploaded the pictures early this morning, but have been dreading the journaling part. Not sure why, but here it goes.

We kept busy during the month of January! Besides starting the great bedroom swap, which is yet to be completed! Maybe by the end of February?

Here are some of the things we've been up to:
(a lot of these pics were taken by my phone which has a crappy camera!)

 One Saturday morning, Shaun let me sleep in, and when I woke up I walked into the family room to the art table transformed to a breakfast table in front of the TV and dad relaxing on the couch! I made sure the kids knew that this was not going to be an everyday occurrence!
(since then, the art table has been primed, painted, and moved into Maisey's room! YAY!!!)
I wanted to work in the play room by my self one Saturday and get rid of lots of old toys with out the kids whining every two seconds, so I sent them on a field trip with Dad. They ended up at the KROC center swimming and had a GREAT time!

 Maisey gets a little bit of computer time in the afternoons a few days a week. One day she printed out smoothie recipes from a Fresh Beat Band game. She had been begging me to help her make them, so for FHE one night that's what we did! And she loved it!

 They were pretty tasty! 

 Another FHE this month was the testimony glove that we got for Christmas from my aunt Judy. Maisey had a good time with this and learned a lot. There was only one glove with the book and Gage was feeling left out so Shaun got his football gloves out for Gage and he was in heaven!

This boy is loving having his train table in his room instead of the play room and is very insistent on putting the trains and tracks away before nap time and bed time each day. That means a lot of track building each day for me! And who could resist that cute caboose?

One morning in January, a water pipe in our cul-de-sac needed to be replaced, so there was a back hoe and a concrete cutter outside our house for a  few hours. Gage was mesmerized by it. I was annoyed. I was trying to do laundry and they turned off the water, with out any notice! :(

 Shaun has been doing a great job of working out this month! He usually does it after the kids are in bed, but on Saturdays he does it in the morning and the kids love to join in! They sure are a cute crew to watch!

 I found the first hint of Easter candy!!! I live for Easter candy every year! My favorites: Brach's Jelly Beans, Robin Eggs, and the Cadbury Mini Eggs. At least I got one of the three! And the jelly beans I got in a package from Janel were the closest thing to Brach's that I've tried and both bags she sent me were gone in six days! At least this year I have an excuse for the expanding waist line! :)

One night at like 10:00, Shaun and I were watching a movie on the couch and Gage came walking down the hall with his blankies in tow and proudly announced, "I'm awake!" Dad couldn't resist that cute little smile so he let him stay up for a little snuggle time!

 I'm sure most of you know that I'm obsessed with the news! I watch it three times a day, sometimes four if our evenings aren't too crazy. I saw a card board cut out of Mark Glyzewski from Fox 12 at the Salem Hospital! I was so excited that I sent a picture of it to Shaun. . . who thought I was a total nerd! What's new? 

Oh, and about the Salem Hospital, I was dismissed from jury duty last week after showing up and filling out a questionnaire and then sitting and waiting for two hours. Apparently the attorneys didn't like one of my responses or something because I was one of the first ones to be dismissed! That was fine by me! I headed to the hospital to do my glucose test, then headed to the mall for lunch and shopping! I would way rather do that then sit in on a case any day! And P.S. Apparently you can't bring a camera and scissors into the court house! Who knew?

 This is what my laundry looked like last week! Pretty cute if you ask me!

So, we once had a crib that we bought before Maisey was born. We also bought the matching changing table. When Gage came along, Shaun's mom bought us a cute white crib for Maisey and Gage was going to use the natural wood one. Well, Gage, being the destroyer of all things, broke that crib. So when Maisey was big enough for a bed, we put the Gage in the white crib and we got rid of the natural wood one. As we are starting to prepare for baby #3 we got the crib and changing table out of storage, and me being anal about things wanted the white crib and the natural wood changing table to match. So I decided to spray paint the changing table. It was a disaster! I bought this spray paint with primer in it thinking I was sooooo smart! I started spraying and it was a sticky mess. I didn't have gloves on and my hands were covered in white! The spray paint was running all down the wood, my shoes were sticking to the plastic drop cloth that I had set up, then eventually the plastic drop cloth fell and ended up all bunched up, so now I have white spray paint speckles all over my garage floor. I went to the store and picked out a different kind of spray paint (a no run kind!) and tried again, and again, FAIL! I was so frustrated. I ended up going in, scrubbing my skin off my hands just to get the paint off, and searching craigslist for a white changing table, which I found. And bought! And wished I would have done that from the beginning. By the time I bought all the supplies, I only spent $15 more on an already white changing table!
 Here is a close up of one of the shelves! Lesson learned!

 This is Gage's spot for reading books! He plops himself down on the scale in my bathroom and reads away while I'm getting ready. 
You wanna hear another story that happened in January? So we used to have 8 am church, now we have 10 am church, Hallelujah! Shaun has to go to meetings before church, so the kids and I are left alone to get ready in the mornings. One Sunday I got up when the kids did and just kind of took it easy. I got the kids fed and dressed and they were just playing. Once Shaun left I got in the shower and started getting ready. Gage brought me in a book and asked if I would read it, so I did. Then I blow dried my hair and he brought me another one. So I read it to him. I looked at the clock and thought, "wow, we have a lot more time than usual this morning. I wonder why?" Then Gage brought me another book, and I read it to him. This happened about ten times while I was in my bathroom. Then Maisey comes walking in and asked when we were leaving for church because it was taking a long time today! I told her we still had 45 min before we had to leave and sent her out. That just didn't seem right to me, so I looked at the clock again and it was 9:58 and then I realized that church started at 10, not 11! So I grabbed my shoes, did the kids' hair, packed some snacks for them and got to church by 10:15. I felt really stupid for being late! Can't I just blame it on pregnancy brain? Isn't that a condition?

 One of Gage's hiding spots for Hide and Seek. He loves that game!

 The kids got these new squishy pillows and they totally love them! 

 There are three boys in Maisey's primary class that all have birthdays three days in a row! So we celebrated at John's Incredible Pizza. Shaun came over during his lunch break to play with the kids. 

 Gage loved bopping the sharks!

 And Maisey won the jackpot on this Captain Hook game! She got 500 tickets!

 Gage and Hudson rode the train

 while Maisey and her friend rode a big kid ride.

 Gage also loved riding the elephant.

 And these kids loved the boat!
It was such a fun birthday party! By the end, the kids were exhausted, and so was I!

 Maisey loves to use all of my pillows and build herself a nest on my bed!

 Gage is really into the whole Barbie thing right now and loves to play with the house and the car. The other morning I was laying on my bed watching the news(surprised?) and Maisey came running back and told me Gage was doing something naughty. So I went to check on him and he was dumping water out of the water bottles in our fridge into the Barbie pool from the cruise ship! Oh that boy!

 Maisey has been into drawing. . . a lot! This picture is of Jesus on the cross.

And this is of the tomb with the stone that was rolled away and Mary smiling because Jesus lives again.
We also get lots of pictures of the nativity! I forgot to take one of that though. Maybe next time.
That last big thing for January: Shaun and I went out with some friends to a Blazer game! We had a great time and love getting to sit so close to the court! And it helped that the Blazers won! And scored over 100 points, so we got free Chalupas from Taco Bell! YUM!!!
(My face looks weird there!)

January: The End!


that's what she said...

A few things-

cadbury mini eggs-MMMMM!

Maisey's friend named Hudson-cool!

-changing table-I feel your pain! i did the same thing with bennett's stokke high chair bc i hated the red. it made a huge mess and got all gloppy. should've left it the red...

Brandon and Angela Hoopes said...

It sure was a busy January, wasn't it?