Friday, November 18, 2011

Holiday Crafting + A GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!

 I've been busy this month getting things ready for Thanksgiving events, Uncle Ryan's wedding gift, and part of my mom's Christmas present. (shhhh, don't tell her!) I thought I would share a little bit of what I've been doing.

 Oreo turkeys! These are for our ward chili feed tonight!

 M & M turkeys. These were for my mom's relief society activity.

Glass etched glasses for Hannah and Ryan.

K, so I won a giveaway earlier this month from this totally awesome cooking blog! The blog is written by a mother and daughter who enjoy cooking and baking together. I love their recipes because they are usually pretty simple and always delicious!
I won a Silpat and a cookie scoop and got it in the mail last week!

So, I decided to do a little giveaway myself, to share the holiday cheer! I've never done one before and I'm really excited about it!

If you would like to win this winter charger all you need to do is comment on if you enjoy the snow!

This giveaway will close on Sunday, November 27 at 11:59 pm. 
The winner will be announced on Monday, November 28.


Desiree said...

I know everybody hates it when it snows here because everything gets shut down, but I love it! I am so hoping we get a huge snow this year. I would love to win this! So pretty. See you tonight!

The Benson Family said...

You are so cute!

Of course, I love the snow! I grew up with it! One thing I didn't love about Oregon was no snow!

Jenny said...

Living here has taught me that I love snow - I love to travel to it, play around in it, and then leave it behind when we go home!

Anonymous said...

We woke up to snow this morning! Judy called to wish us "Merry Christmas!" Bring on the holiday season. I love the snow!

Dana and ohana said...

i'm not gonna lie. i only like snow when it's outside and I am inside under a warm my jammies....with hot cooca....and a book.

Trevor and Amy said...

I love the snow because in Oregon we would get snow days for just a few inches! :) I also love when it cleans to the trees and looks like someone sprinkled glitter all over the place.

Brandon and Angela Hoopes said...

You are lucky! I NEVER win anything! Anyways, I love snow...just not driving in it. But I have missed the snow, living here in Oregon.

The Hilliers said...

The snow is one of the things I love most about living in Colorado! It is just SO pretty! :)

The Rhodehouse's said...

Everyone is saying that they like the snow...but I don't! Since we hardly ever got it growing up, I never got used to it and it is just too cold! Living in Utah didn't make me like it any more and I don't like living in Idaho will help me much either...sorry!
P.S. You said we had to comment on IF we enjoy the snow...not a comment on why we like to I think this counts :)

Tabatha & Michael Stimpson said...

I like the snow when im inside huddled up in blankets :-) i love watchin the kiddos playing and laughin in the snow.