Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Halloween Fun!

We had a lot of fun leading up to Halloween! 

On Monday, was Maisey's pumpkin patch field trip (see previous post) and we had some friends over for FHE. We played a pumpkin walk game and talked about Halloween safety with a ghost story. We also had pumpkin chocolate chip cookies for our treat. The kids and our friends had a great time!

The kids also wore their Halloween shirts! These were before Grandma Grimmett sent the kids new ones!

On Tuesday, we painted pumpkins!
Gage started with a cute face but by the end his whole pumpkin was painted black and blue. 

Miley and Grammy enjoyed watching everyone!

Maisey's face. The blue is the pumpkin's eye shadow! :)

Then it was finally Halloween! My skeletons were so excited for this day. Gage got dressed in his costume at 8 am and didn't take it off til we got home at 8:30 pm. It also rained ALL day up until  an hour before trick-or-treating. I am sooooo glad it wasn't raining in the evening!

We headed to Daddy's work in the afternoon for their Halloween party and trick-or-treating. 

The kids did a cake walk, 

did some coloring and watched Monster's Inc., 

and hung out with mommy!

They also enjoyed seeing Daddy and his team dressed up as Wizard of Oz characters. Daddy was the Tin Man.

Then it was time to hit the streets. Daddy had to work late, so I took the kids and met him in the neighborhoods. The enjoyed going from house to house and trick-or-treating. We also ran into some friends so we hung with them.

After the neighborhoods, we headed across the street to the trunk-or-treat at the church. I sat in front of the van with Miley and the candy bowl while daddy took the kids around.

Miley kept grabbing hand fulls of suckers and shoving them in her mouth. She would get made every time I would take them out of her mouth. There may have been a few kids who got slobbered-on suckers! Sorry!

When we got home we dumped out all of the candy from the day and separated it into a chocolate and non-chocolate bowl.

I would say Halloween 2012 was a success!

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