Thursday, November 1, 2012


Thursdays are usually my favorite day of the week! Gage doesn't have school, my neighbor takes Maisey to school, Maisey stays for Kinder Enrichment, and my neighbor brings her home from school. I usually don't leave me house. It's my lazy, hang out in my sweatpants all day day. Sometimes I work on projects, but most of the time I focus on Gage all morning then have some "me" time in the afternoons (since I'm not doing "fun school" with Maisey). Today definitely does not go in the record books as my favorite day. 

I stayed in my sweatpants all day, like normal, but then ended up having to run to the school to pick Maisey and some other kids up. I didn't have time to change, or even get shoes from my room. So the teachers at school saw me in my pajama sweats (not even work out sweats!), my rain boots that I grabbed from the garage, and my nasty hair. Kinda embarrassing!

Oh, but my day gets better. . .

I decided for my "me" time this afternoon to wash all of Miley's 6-12 month clothes that I went through last week and get them all hung up and put away. This evening, Miley was laying on the floor playing with toys in the midst of my loads and loads of laundry, as I sat by her to fold it. After about an hour, I started putting laundry away. I was back in her bedroom, which is maybe 15 feet from the family room when I could hear her struggling. I couldn't tell what was wrong but I knew something was. I ran to her and saw spit foaming from her mouth and she was starting to turn colors. I picked her up real quick and she took in a big breath, but still couldn't swallow. She was gagging and coughing. I swept her mouth with my finger, but found nothing. I tried nursing her to get her to swallow, but she wouldn't even latch on. She was crying so I could tell she was getting air, but it was shallow. I didn't know what to do. Shaun and my mom were at the temple (Stake Temple Night tonight!), I looked out my window real quick and my neighbor wasn't home. I was starting to panic. I wasn't sure if I should call 911, or throw all the kids in the car and go to the ER. I decided to call my friend in our ward who is an ER nurse and she rushed over to look at Miley. She listened to her lungs and didn't notice anything different about them. She thought maybe something little like a piece of lint got caught in her esophagus, so it was letting some air through but partially blocking it. We tried giving her some water to get her to swallow but she wouldn't. I made a bottle of formula for her and she refused that as well. My friend said that if we could just get her to vomit then hopefully whatever was in there would come up too. We kept trying the bottle and she kept refusing, so we decided I should take her to the ER for an X-ray. She got the kids all ready to go to her house and I said a silent prayer that I could just figure out what to do and that we wouldn't have to go in. I tried the bottle again, and she swallowed a tiny bit, but it was still a struggle. I just kept trying and eventually she drank most of it. It took her about 20 minutes to drink 2 ounces. Her breathing was starting to get better, so I decided to not take her in. I didn't let that baby out of my arms for the rest of the night. I made dinner one handed, brushed kids' teeth one handed, and tucked them in one handed. I was scared to put her down in case she stopped breathing again.
So we snuggled for the rest of the night. 

When Shaun got home we were talking about it and I think her throat swelled up because of an allergic reaction to a dryer sheet. She was playing with one toward the end of my laundry folding, and I didn't even think anything of it. But I think she might have inhaled the fumes from it which caused her throat to swell, which is why she couldn't swallow. And after about 45 minutes total, it slowly started to go away. 

Super scary! I will never let my kids play with dryer sheets again!

So, not only did the teachers at school see me in my pajama sweats, but so did my friend. But she also saw a completely trashed house with school papers, trains, puzzles, and six loads of laundry spread everywhere! 

Yay for Thursdays!

But, in better news, Maisey brought home her school pictures today! 
Love that girl!


Jenny said...

Oh, Emily! I'm so glad Miley is okay! I can only imagine how scared you were. I hope you'll be okay, too. Sending a big hug. :)

P.S. Maybe it's because I'm getting grumpy in my old age, but sweat pants and a dirty house means you're human - and that's okay! :) Love you.

The Benson Family said...

So scary. Kamden doesn't chew things very well and is barely getting teeth so he had some problems with choking. I still have to cut some things up really small because he doesn't chew (I think because he didn't get teeth for so long and is just learning). It is scary for sure but you are right Miley's picture is so so cute

Brandon and Angela Hoopes said...

That is so scary! Glad she's doing better!

that's what she said...

oh my gosh that is sooo scary! glad she's okay!