Thursday, November 15, 2012

Miley: 6 months!

I can't believe my little baby is 6 months old already! She is an amazing baby!

Here is a little about her:

* She is still nursing, but seems less interested because gets really distracted. She will take a bottle now, even from me! She usually gets one about every other day. She is on solids. She has had oatmeal and rice cereal, peaches, pears, applesauce, and green beans. (All stuff that I have canned. I just mash it up with a fork and she loves it!) She has also had graham crackers and these little rice cups. She is a great eater and I just started feeding her solids twice a day, per the doctor's orders.

* Speaking of doctor's orders, she had her 6 month check-up earlier this week. These are her stats:
Weight - 14 lbs 15 oz (28%)
Height - 26" (59%)
Head - 41.8 cm (30%)
At her 4 mo. appt she was in like the tenth percentile for weight and had dropped from her 2 month checkup. I am glad she is gaining weight well now. And as a fun comparison tonight, I decided to look up the other kids' stats at 6 months. Maisey's were16 lbs 8 oz,  26.4 in., and 43.4 cm. Gage's were 18 lbs 8 oz, 27 in., and 44.9 cm. Miley really is my little baby!

* I find it funny that my littlest baby is my best sleeper as well. Maybe it's because this is my third time around and you learn more with each one. She sleeps 10-12 hours at night and is taking two solid naps during the day, usually about two hours long. We have a great routine going and she is able to stay up for longer stretches of time. 

* She loves to be tickled, she loves when you blow raspberries on her tummy, and she loves when you pretend to eat her toes. She loves to pull and chew on hair (Ick!) and often times pulls it out of Maisey and my head. 

* She went through a phase where she would whimper when other people would hold her, but I think she is out of it now. 

* She LOVES music and dancing, and will often jabber when she hears music playing, kinda like her way of singing. The Young Women at church think it is really funny. She also loves to play her toy piano and likes to watch the big kids play musical instruments.

* Her hair is getting longer, even though you probably can't tell from the pictures. It's thickening up and it's getting darker.

* She is still such a cuddler, and I L.O.V.E. it!!! 

* She is starting to sit up a little bit. Her longest stretch is about 30 seconds, but it gets better everyday.

* She loves her brother and sister. Gage is her little buddy all day while Maisey is at school. He is very possessive protective over her and doesn't like when other people talk to her or about her. Maisey is my little baby sitter. She plays with Miley while I make lunch, take a shower, fold laundry, etc. She loves to read her books and sing her songs. Maisey "babysits" to earn computer time.

Here are some random pictures from this month:

First time in a shopping cart. 

Love this peaceful sleeper!

Gearing up for our cooooold trip to Idaho!

Even though Miley isn't in this picture I had to include it. This is Gage at Miley's appt. The doctor was trying to talk to me and Gage was bouncing around everywhere so I had him sit on the bench and count the spots on this cheetah painted on the wall. He would get to 33 and say he was done and then I would make him start over! Is that mean?

I can't wait for all of the fun moments that are to come in the next six months!

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