Monday, February 17, 2014

February So Far

Gage is obsessed with babies. When he plays Life of the tablet, he always comes running to me when he gets one. And if he gets twins, EVEN BETTER!!!!! Too bad he isn't getting one of his own, so he can borrow one from church! :)

We got two copies of my magazine in the mail, and I thought it was hilarious when I caught them each reading their own copy!

Gage was chosen to be the "reverent child" at the beginning of Primary, and he took his job very seriously!

We went out to Grammy's school for lunch and it started snowing. We were supposed to get a snow storm later on in the week, so this caught me off guard. The kids loved it and Miley refused to cross the street with us. She just kept squeeling in delight as the flakes landed on her lashes!

It was really coming down, but it never stuck!

Gage had another sick day! 104* temps, achy and tired! I can't wait for all of this sickness to go away!

I ran over a screw. :(

Valentine holders for art in Maisey's class!

Maisey's "love bug" turned out so cute!

We made banana muffins!

My sister sent this to me and it is totally me!

We watched the Olympics, including the opening ceremonies where one of the snowflakes didn't open! Way to go Sochi!

And then Miley started with what Gage had. 
Story of our lives lately!

 I secretly love the cuddle time when she's sick!

 We got the pay out from our major Super Bowl win!

 Take that Pinterest! Finally something turned out just as cute when I did it!
Gage's Preschool Snack after our big snow storm.

 And that's what I get for even thinking I can compete with those on Pinterst! Luckily some of the kids in Gage's class were sick that day and we still had enough! 

 Gage got a hair cut at a regular place and not a kid salon. He did awesome and the lady said he was the best 4 year-old to ever sit in her chair! That makes a mama proud!

 We went to Grammy's school music program! The kids loved singing along.

 And Grammy loved having them there!

 Maisey is still playing basketball. . . a few more weeks!

There was no school today so we headed to Grammy's church building to play for a bit. The kids loved the stage and mostly did puppet shows with Maisey's American Girl dolls. It was refreshing to see them actually playing nicely together and being creative.

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