Monday, February 17, 2014

Friday: Bank, Taco Bowl, and Talent Show

The last day of January was a crazy day for me! It was the Chinese New Year, which we had to celebrate the day before because we had so much going on that day. 

The night before we had our Chinese dinner and this was the fortune from my fortune cookie. Seems promising right?

Well, I logged onto our bank account that night to check a couple of things and I noticed a charge on there from a Toys R' Us in Florida. After verifying with Shaun that he didn't go to Florida with out me knowing, or purchase anything from Toys R' Us that day, I realized our account was hacked. :( I didn't panic too much, I just figured I would call the bank in the morning and see what they recommended us to do. 

Friday morning, Shaun left for work early. He stopped to fill up his car with gas on his way to work and called me to tell me his debit card had been declined. Then I started to panic. Were there more charges? Would we be out all of this money? Our checking account is linked to our savings account so did they have access to that money too? As soon as I dropped the kids off at school I headed to the bank, with Miley in tow. I was dreading going with her, but knew I needed to get it taken care of. She was surprisingly very good. The banker that helped me was very kind and understanding, and got everything taken care of. We had to cancel our cards, get new ones, and then he reimbursed us for the fraudulent charge. It definitely could have been a lot worse than it was, but I am so glad that I caught it when I did.

That struggle was over, now on to a happier day!

I took Miley with me to get some work done on my van. When all it really needed was an oil change, I almost started crying. After the whole ordeal with our accounts I didn't even want to go spend any money and debated putting off taking the van in. I am so grateful that our friend is honest with us when it comes to work on our cars and what needs to be done and what can wait. 

By the afternoon I was feeling very grateful for these three kiddos and realized that if I focused on them and not the events from earlier in the day then everything would be just fine!

Gage's school had a Taco Bowl fundraiser that evening. We went and ate dinner and listened to his class sing some songs. Gage was so proud to have his whole family there supporting him!

After the Taco Bowl, we headed to Maisey's school talent show.

Maisey's 5th grade friend was doing it with her and we hit up the mall for matching outfits a few days before the talent show.

This is what the chose! CUTE!!!

A little pre-show nerves!

They totally rocked it and were one of the best entries in the show! I was so proud of her for being brave and singing in front of every one.

They won an award for Best Duo!

About half way through the talent show, Miley had had enough. I had to, but it would have been rude if I plugged my ears!

So Gage and Miley played iPads to keep them entertained the rest of the time!

It was a crazy Friday, that started off not so hot, but by the end was a wonderful day!

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