Monday, February 17, 2014

Maisey's Teacher

Maisey's teacher was having a baby! Maisey was excited about it, but also had a lot of anxiety over it because she would be gone for 3 months on maternity leave.

Ready to head to her teacher's baby shower. We got her a basket full of bears. The book "Brown Bear Brown Bear", some bear jammies, bear rattle toys, and a Scentsy Bear.

Maisey and some of her friends watching her teacher open her gifts.

The next day, I was scheduled to teach art in her class. I decided to make this fun book for the teacher as a surprise. So the principal came to help and Maisey's teacher left the room.

The cover!
This was Maisey's page. 
Each kid got to make guesses for gender (her teacher wasn't finding out), weight, height, eye and hair color, name, and birth date. Then they got to write about how their teacher should take care of the baby.

I liked this student's advice on having Mr. Watts change the diapers!

And I loved this boy's drawing of the little baby in the bouncy on the first page.

That night I took the book to Staples to get a binding put on it and then wrapped it up so the class could give it to her. I took it to school the next day, and Maisey's teacher was sick that day and then her maternity leave was starting the next day, so the kids never got to see her open it. :( 

Hopefully she enjoyed it as much as I did. Those kids had some funny answers!!!

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Danielle said...

what a cool idea! I bet she LOVED the book-bummer they didn't see her open it.