Monday, February 17, 2014

January Wrap Up

Here are some randoms left from January:

The best way to brighten a bleak winter day is by finding Easter candy for sale! Easter candy is by far my all time favorite candy and I may have eaten several bags of these!

Sometimes a mom is desperate to keep a baby happy while cooking dinner. Yes, her siblings are licking the bottoms of her feet!

Miley's first full pony tail! It's so little and cute!!

Miley's first set of full pigtails.

I picked Gage up from school several days in a row with paint all over his body and clothes. His teachers thought it was funny. I didn't. We had an FHE lesson on taking care of our bodies and keeping them clean. Maybe I squashed the budding artist in him, but I was getting sick of the mid-day baths.

All of that painting for this. . . Gage calls it "The Eye"

Miley loves reading the Fly Guy books. And if you try to skip a page or two, ahem Dad, she will know and make you back up to the right page.

Diva and a Doctor? That's my girl!

Too many jammie choices for this nakey bum!

She helped herself to the rice cakes.

She has turned into quite the book worm this month.

We went on a Panera Bread date while the big kids were at school.

Miley had a nasty stomach bug a couple of weeks ago, and by the afternoon she was feeling much better so we decided to get some fresh air. That's just what she needed to perk up. Sunshine and kitties!

We visited Grammy at school for lunch!

And we keep Grammy in business with all of the mending that needs done at our house!

Gage got the stomach bug after Miley. It really knocked him out for a few days. 

Lots of rest time for him.

Then Maisey got it next. Don't let the smile fool you. She puked eight times in 5 hours! But by the afternoon she felt much better!

I taught art in Maisey's class, more on that in the next post!

We celebrated the Chinese New Year by eating Chinese food with the missionaries and playing a new game called Takenoko, which I later found out was Japanese! Oops!

Maisey is becoming a master bike rider on her big bike!

Maisey drew a picture of her primary teachers. .. Shaun and I! I love how she drew me nice and skinny! 

Maisey got a pledge sheet at school. They are supposed to be a mild consequence after receiving a warning from the teacher. She came home very upset because she was asking her neighbor for help during technology time and never got a warning. It was a really big deal to her and it helped us to have a nice conversation about perfection, behavior, and what we expect of her. In all fairness, she didn't really deserve one, but the poor girl puts so much pressure on herself to be perfect at things and all we care about is if she tries her best and treats others kindly. If she got a pledge sheet for not trying or for being mean to someone, then we would have a problem. We sure have an awesome daughter!

She's been leaving notes on our bed.

Family movie night. . . yes, Gage is using a car rug as a blanket. 

For MLK Jr. Day we went to Northwest Kids Club. It was so nice because we had the whole place to ourselves. The kids had so much fun running around and being wild!

Miley loved this big slide and had it mastered by the time we left.

We had a game night with some of Shaun's co-workers and we let the big kids have a sleepover together to hopefully occupy them enough to not bug us. Amazingly, they did so well, and went right to sleep.

We had a ward game night.

And a cake auction. The kids won this fun beach-themed cake.

Nailed it!!! 
This was my major pinterest fail. I found the left picture on pinterest after searching for "cake ball tower" and the right was my creation. I'm pretty sure I can be on the "best of pinterest" site!

My sister's family are huge Bronco's fans, so much so, that I designed them a Bronco's Christmas card this last year for them to mail out. We didn't really care too much who won the super bowl but thought it was cool that a NW team and a Colorado team were playing each other, so we made a friendly bet. 

I finally changed out some pictures in my house and added a few more of Miley! In one family frame I went to add that bottom right picture and didn't realize I had kept all of the previous pictures in the back. It was fun to lay them all out and see how our family has transformed on the last six years!

Love these kiddos!

I opened the key pad to our garage to find a nice, uh, surprise?

Most guys use duct tape to fix things, my husband has an obsession with bungee cords. This is his current contraption. The bottom white piece was a fridge lock that I bought. It lasted about 3 days until it broke. Shaun used some 3M hooks and bungee cords to create a new fridge lock. Hopefully Miss Miley grows out of her love for hanging out in the fridge soon!

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Danielle said...

sheesh! you're making the rest of us look bad with all of your creativity and awesomeness. in all seriousness though, you are pretty amazing-your kids are lucky!

and that spider in the garage keypad area-totally had the same thing the other day, I almost dropped Hudson I screamed so loud! eww!