Tuesday, February 23, 2010

10 Months

This big boy is 10 months today!
A little about Gage this month:
At 9 months, 3 weeks, he got his first 2 teeth!!!!! Evidenced by all of the drooling on his clothes!

He LOVES anything with wheels! Especially my elliptical! He sits and spins this thing all day long! Hey. . . at least some one is using the machine!

He's quite the little monkey man! He crawls everywhere and pulls him self up onto everything! He loves when I let him loose in the library and pulls all the books of the shelves. It's a good thing he is dang cute otherwise the library ladies would hate us!

Doesn't that face just say to you, "I am mischievous!!!"

Gage also started waving this month! He is now pretty consistent at it and will often times wave both hands at the same time!

He is getting much better at independent play! He also LOVES to play with his sister! Together, they enjoy ripping up my magazines, playing in the toilet, unloading the bottom drawer in the kitchen and playing chase down the hall!

He lets me leave the room now with out crying. . . SOMETIMES! He still doesn't like when other people hold him, but at least we are making progress.

He has had a cold for about half of the month, so he's been a little more snugly than normal, and I'm really enjoying it!

He pretty much eats anything we give him, but I'd have to say his favorites right now are Mac N' Cheese and toast!

He reminds me a lot of Maisey at this age. Very determined to get her own way!

But we still love him so much!

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