Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The details of Mr. Valentine, (aka ME)

First off, yes I got the mailboxes at Target! In the $ bins at the front of the store! :) I also got the stickers there.

Every night Maisey has to pick up all of her toys before she gets into bed. If Mr. Valentine is happy with how the house looks then he will leave a Valentine in their mailboxes. Sometimes it will just be a Valentine, other times it will be a little toy or stickers or a little piece of candy.

Then in the morning Maisey has to go potty before she can open her mailbox. She is always really cranky in the mornings. It takes her about an hour to warm up and be ready for the day, so getting her to go potty right when she wakes up is definitely a battle. I think this will be a good motivator. At least it worked today!

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