Monday, February 1, 2010

Road Trip + Potty Training = Need Advice

So we are taking a last minute, really fast road trip this weekend. We leave Friday, early morning and come home Sunday afternoon. That means there is going to be a lot of time in the car. Approximately 20 hours in the car total over 3 days.

Maisey has been doing so awesome potty training. She is pretty much in undies all the time, even running errands, and during naps. But at bed time we put her in a pull up. If she is wearing a pull up during the day she knows she can pee in it, so she does. But if she's in undies she doesn't.

So my dilemma is for all the time that we will be spending in the car, do I put Maisey in undies and run the risk of having her pee in her car seat, or having to stop every hour to let her go, or do I just stick her in a pull up and hope this doesn't hinder our potty training progression?

Has anyone done this before? Any advice?



Danielle and the Boys said...

I obviously have never dealt with this if it was what I would do? I would keep her in undies. they make piddles pads that you can put in the carseat in case they wet or even just a plastic bag would help. i'd hate to see all your hard work go down the toilet just for a weekend roadtrip. but good luck whatever you end up doing!

Monica McCoy said...

I did this with Blake during Christmas break. I just kept him in underwear. I think regressing is probably wasteful of your time and hers. We just made a huge effort to ask frequently if he needed to go and made him go everytime we stopped. No accidents.
Good luck!

Robyne's Memories said...

I'd keep her in her undies. Put some plastic between her carseat and her. And then if she has a little potty chair that can travel, put it in the car with you just in case you can't make it to a rest stop. Good Luck! :)