Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My ABSOLUTE Most Embarrassing Moment

It's not too uncommon for me to do something really stupid! But usually after a day or two I forget about it!

Well, I'm pretty sure I will NEVER forget this one!

Gage has had a rough few days! And Shaun and I were up with him several times last night. And also, in my defense, I am still sick! (Also my excuse for not starting my 30-day shred yesterday!)

So Zandi, the mom of the girls I babysit, dropped them off this morning, just like normal. Well, after she drops them off I send a text to Shaun that says, "Zandi looked pregnant"

Apparently I accidentally sent the message to Zandi!


I had no idea until she sent me a text back about an hour later that said, "I think you might have sent this to the wrong person?"

I was completely mortified! I called Shaun, who told me to call Janel!

Janel and I came up with our best attempt at an excuse and I sent it back to her! So lame. . . I KNOW!

Her husband calls me 3 hours later to see if I can watch the girls tomorrow and then says, Oh, by the way, we are going in for an ultrasound tomorrow.

I said, "Oh, really?" And he just started laughing and said, "Just kidding!" Glad he thinks the whole thing is funny!

I always look forward to 5:00 pm when she comes to pick the girls up. . . but tonight, I will be dreading 5:00 pm!

I want to hear what YOU would have done?


Danielle and the Boys said...

crawled into a hole and died. ahh-sounds like something i would've done. good luck with surviving 5pm-please let us know that you do!

Jenny said...

I think the only thing left to do is to answer the door with your foot in your mouth! And then apologize profusely...

Good luck!

Miranda said...

Just know you're not the only one! Brad once introduced a mission companion and his wife and their "little one on the way" when she was NOT expecting. He was totally mortified which is saying a lot since Brad never gets embarrassed.
I'd just apologize and tell her that you're excited for her to have another- which must be true if you're guessing at it :)

BTW sorry for being a blog-stalker:) Maisey and Gage are so cute and I love to hear your stories about what parenting is REALLY like! You are an awesome mom.

Brandon and Angela Hoopes said...

Well, Brandon and I just had a good laugh.... at your expense! It's only funny b/c it was not me! I have no idea what I would do! The only thing I can think of would be to say that I meant to type in one of my friends names but typed in Zandi b/c I had just seen her.