Tuesday, February 23, 2010


For Valentine's Day we took Maisey to the Portland Children's Museum to see the Clifford Exhibit. We had wanted to go for a few months, but hadn't got around to it and that weekend was his last weekend there so we decided we would go! Maisey LOVES Clifford. . . well, at least in the books. When we got there she was terrified of the "real" Clifford and wouldn't go near him, even if Shaun was holding her. But Gage wasn't going to pass up the opportunity!

Mommy, Gage, and Clifford!

Clifford insisted on holding Gage, and Gage LOVED it!!!! (Gage looks so little compared to the big red dog!)

Maisey standing by Emily Elizabeth! She wasn't scared of her! Probably because she was just Maisey's size!

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