Thursday, September 2, 2010

Keeping Busy While Daddy Was Gone!

We sure kept busy while Daddy was in Mexico! The same morning he flew out, Aunt Kate and Uncle Blair flew in! Then we headed straight to the zoo!

Maisey sure loves her aunite!

And Blair loves his unkie!!!

Maisey is sportin' her new shirt Grammy gave her for her birthday the night before!

We were looking at all of the monkeys, and this one in particular had 2 blue balls in it's cage. The monkey was playing with them and Maisey said to me really loud: "Mommy, that monkey is playing with his two balls!" There was a guy behind us who was with his girlfriend, and they were laughing SO hard! It was pretty funny.

Blair was the only one brave enough to turn his back to the "real" dinosaurs!!! Some of them even spit at you!

The elephants were every one's favorite attraction. One of them was getting some dental work done, and the other put on a urine/feces show for everyone. Maisey is still talking about the "efelant's poop"!!!

Maisey could never put up a fight against a Polar Bear, but me? Bring on the Black Bear!!!!

Like always, we finished off the zoo trip with a ride on the train! Maisey sat in her very own seat and was such a big girl!

Gage, on the other hand, really struggled to stay still. I tried entertaining him with my glasses, which lasted all of 2 seconds! But he's just so cute!
We also went to the beach (aka Oregon Coast) while Daddy was gone! It started out pretty much like last time's experience, with Maisey HATING the sand! But by lunch time she was all for it! I was really proud of her for overcoming her fear of being dirty. . . at least for that day!
Gagey and Grammy!!!

Grammy is helping Maisey fly her Dora kite!

We brought Alex, Madi and Jack with us!

And Kate and Blair!

Gagey loved the water! I'm pretty sure his feet had to have been numb!

My little sand man!

Right before we were getting ready to go, some other kids came in their swimming suits! I'm pretty sure it was only like 65 degrees! Maisey kept crying and saying she wanted her swimming suit to swim in the ocean! Well, I wasn't going to walk all the way to the car for her to put it on, then all the way back for her to swim for 3 seconds, then have to change her again. So we improvised! Her first skinny dipping experience!!! But she loved it!

We played tons of wii fit and other games! I totally whomped everyone at sequence! I don't think Blair will ever play with me again!
We also ate a TON! I made a delicious blackberry peach cobbler! I ate it for dessert and breakfast the next morning! We also had pizza x 2, bbq steak (prepared by yours truly), and Mexican (in honor of daddy being in Mexico!).
Even though we really missed our daddy, we had tons of fun while he was gone!

We made him this sign and brought it to the airport. He called me when he got off his plane and I made the mistake of telling Maisey he was coming. So she is yelling over and over, "Daddy, where are you?" while Gage is on the brink of a security breach! So I'm chasing after him and trying to quiet her, then he finally appears! Maisey runs to him, jumps in his arms and plants a big wet kiss on his cheek. Everyone in the waiting area at the airport started clapping!!!!! I'm pretty sure it was straight from a movie! When Gage finally realized what was going on he kept saying "Dada dada dada!"
It was nice to have him back safe!

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