Friday, September 10, 2010

Go Cougs!!

Shaun and I went to Provo this last weekend for our Anniversary trip! It was the first time since we've had kids, that we flew somewhere together, sans kids! It was so nice! Actually, I slept during the whole flight, because I only slept for 3.5 hours the night before.
On Friday, we ate Krispy Kreme doughnuts, BYU mint brownies, Cafe Rio, AND Rumbi Island Grill. While I wasn't eating, I was shopping with my sister Kate! It was such a perfect day!
On Saturday morning, we went to the BYU-Idaho State Women's Volleyball game.
A BYU sporting event would not be complete with out a Cosmo pic!
Side note: For how afraid Maisey is of mascots and characters, she LOVES looking at this picture! She thinks it's so cool that Mommy and Daddy met him!

We were kinda cheering for both teams because Kate's sister-in-law plays for ISU. She is #24, goin' up for the block.

Since we didn't get enough Friday, we ate MORE on Saturday!
Toucano's Brazilian Grill!!!!! Yum!
Nothing beats their garlic sirloin, grilled pineapple, and cheesey bread balls. (which Shaun later confessed to eating 14 of!)

Then we were off to the football game, which my totally awesome sister got us tickets for! Thanks again!

There were moments where they didn't look so good, and we worried a little. But the Cougs did not fail us! They beat UW 23-17 in front of a sold-out stadium!
It was here that I also realized I am getting old! Haha! I can't even stand through a whole football game anymore! Lucky for me, the people on the rows in front of us were positioned just so that I could sit and still see a majority of the field!
On Sunday, we slept in, went to church, ate dinner, then headed up Provo Canyon for my much anticipated dessert: S'Mores!!!!!
The boys starting the fire! (Which we forgot matches for!)
That is the only picture I took of this little adventure, because that's pretty much as long as it lasted. Once they started the fire, we played a few hands of Uno, while we were waiting for coals to form in the fire. Perfect for making S'Mores! Well, on our third hand of Uno, 3 people came up to our little spot with buckets of water and said with a rude attitude, "We're putting your fire out!" They each proceeded to dump a large bucket of water on our fire. Then man said in the same rude tone, "No open fires after June." Then they continued pouring buckets and buckets of water, ensuring their was not even a WARM spot left in a 15 ft. radius! THOSE JERKS! I just sat there and watched in shock! I almost cried because I could see the vision of my perfect S'More entering my mouth VANISH!
We packed up our stuff and headed to the car. It was a sad night, and it only got worse from there.

But we finally found a GLIMMER of hope, open on a Sunday night (don't judge--we were on vacation!) Krispy Kreme doughnuts. . . again!
Monday morning we headed to the airport. Our flight out of Salt Lake was delayed. We BARELY made our connecting flight in Phoenix, after running through the airport, Home Alone style!
It was quite an adventure, a nice break from the kiddos, and I came back 5 lbs. heavier!
Diet starts Monday!

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