Thursday, September 2, 2010

Summer Fun in CA!

My mom called me on Saturday while we were in Spokane and told me that she just found out that my Gpa has cancer. She felt like she wanted to take advantage of her last week of summer before she had to start back to school. So we loaded up the car. . . AGAIN, and 12 hours after we'd been home from Spokane we were back on the road, in the opposite direction! Destination: Grandpa "Smoore's" house!

We made a few stops on our way of course!

1st: Rice Hill!!! We sure love our ice cream! (This was Maisey's first time experienceing it!)

2nd: Aunt Sally's! Maisey and Dylan were BFF's. Maisey and the pool were also BFF's. We swam every day we were there!

Each day we swam, Gage took FOREVER to warm up to the water. Not sure why! So I just hung with him on the step!

The kids also loved playing with Ashley! (I can't believe how grown up all of my cousins are! I haven't seen them in years!)

3rd: Newport Beach

My all time favorite picture from the WHOLE summer! This is going on my collage wall in my hall! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this pic!

This one is pretty cute too!
(Note the swimming suit! It was actually WARM enough to wear! Gotta love CA!!!)

My Little Beach Bum!

Some of the crew!

4th: Grandpa's house!
My aunt and her family are living there right now so Maisey had so much fun playing with Hudsen and Clark.

We spent a lot of time playing outside so the kids could run free!

He's totally rockin' the princess scooter!

My uncle and his fam came for pizza and games one night! All of these kiddos were supposed to be having quiet time! It wasn't very quiet!

Our last morning at my Grandpa's! We decided to take some pics!

Four generations of craziness!!!!


After pics, the rest of the fam showed up for lunch before we left!
Grammy, Gage, Uncle Dan, Maisey

Grandma Martha made some delicious Carne Asada! YUM!!!

Look at all these crazy kids! They are actually all my cousins. . . but Maisey and Gage played with them like they were their own!

Maisey was sad to leave Dylan! But he sent her home with a fun Disneyland book with pictures of him! So cute!

Final Stop: Sacramento Hotel on our way home!
These kids LOVED playing on the luggage rack! Gage would sit there and shake it while Maisey would sit on it and have a ride! They were just so dang excited to be out of their car seats! I feel bad for whoever was our neighbor!!

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