Saturday, June 11, 2011

Janel Came to Visit

My kids sure love their Aunt Janel! She came to visit us last weekend and we were on the go all weekend!

We visited family and friends on Friday, then we took Janel out for her birthday dinner at Red Robin.

 Janel was so nice to share her ice cream sundae with the kids. The waiter thought it was Maisey's birthday so they came out and sang to her and put the ice cream in front of her and she was so sweet and just moved it over to in front of Janel. It was funny! After dinner, we headed to my brother's bon fire and stuffed ourselves with smores! YUM!

On Saturday, Janel and I started out early with a brisk 3-mile run! It was GREAT! Then we hurried home for a baby shower (at my house) then we met up with some friends for lunch. During nap time we worked out back in our garden! Janel is so awesome for helping us! After the kids woke up we packed up our bikes and drove to Willamette Mission State Park for an awesome bike ride. Well, the bike trails were flooded over, so we ended up riding up to the Weatland Ferry and rode it across the river and back. Gage was in heaven riding on a boat! When we came back across we ate a picnic dinner on the river bank and then rode back to our car. On the way back, the bike trailer got a flat tire. Our evening definitely didn't go the way it was planned, but we made the best of it and it ended up being a great night.

 Look how beautiful it was on Saturday! This was the scenery on our bike ride!
 Maisey loves Aunt Janel!
Gage does not really like his helmet!

Shaun and I on the ferry!

Janel just happened to be coming on the one Sunday in 3 months that I had to teach. And the value for the month was Good Works, so I asked if she would giver her BYU Women's Conference presentation to the young women in my ward. It's all about service and finding opportunities to serve. I was so excited to be able to hear her presentation because I wasn't able to make it to the conference in April. But I ended up having to take Maisey to the doctor after sacrament meeting, so I missed it again! But I heard it went great!

We played games all Sunday afternoon, then drove Janel up to the airport so she could fly back to Utah! I'm sure it wasn't the most relaxing trip for Janel, but we were so glad that she was able to come and visit us and that she was a good sport with everything that we dragged her along to do!

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