Thursday, June 30, 2011

Week 1: Camping

Thursday evening, we packed up all of our stuff at Grandma and Papa's and headed to Palisades Reservoir for a family reunion. We left later than we had planned and got to the campsite around 9:00 pm. We had to set up our brand new tent in the almost dark. The floor was all bunchy, and my wonderful husband put pieces back in the bag that I'm pretty sure were supposed to be used. But it stayed up so I shouldn't complain. We started blowing up our air mattress, which was also brand new, after dark. The pump that we brought didn't fit in the hole for the mattress. We had to borrow a pump from someone else. And our lantern wouldn't turn on. It was kind of a rough start to our camping trip. We decided to take a breather, roast some smores, and head to bed, hoping to start over the next day! Roasting smores was a disaster. The kids got the marshmallows all over the place, including other peoples chairs, we couldn't find our chocolate bars, and Gage screamed through it all! So much for a taking a breather!!! We decided it would just be best to call it a night. The kids went right to sleep only to wake up a few hours later FREEZING! Did I mention it was 40 degrees at night? Shaun and I were freezing too! So, all four of us ended up in our bed!
This is what you look like when you are going on only a few hours of sleep!

It even took a toll on this little guy!

One night down, one to go!!!

Friday we spent the morning playing games and going on walks.
Gage made dirt/gravel angels.

Then in the afternoon we went boating with Papa!

That night we had a big family dinner and spent some time exploring.
Gage claimed this rock as his rock! If he was ever out of your sight, he was sitting here! Funny boy!

We played a little bit of frisbee, until I threw it in the creek TWICE!!! The second time it was long gone!

Papa helped the kids roast marshmallows

Maisey and her new friend Madi enjoying some smores! They were pretty much inseperable the whole weekend.

In the evening, the whole family, (like 80 people) sat in a big circle and caught everyone up with what is going on in their lives!

Night #2 went very similar to night #1. The kids got cold and ended up in bed with us but it was fine. It helped keep us warm too!

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that's what she said...

your camping sounds like ours...lots of fun and lots of hassle. one day it'll get better...