Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Significance of a Quarter Pounder

It kinda seems like we've been living at the pediatrician's office lately. We can usually go several months without having to stop in and see him but we've been 3 times in the last month and will be heading there again next week.

On Sunday (YES, our office has Sunday hours, cool huh?), I had to take Maisey in because I suspected a UTI. The nurse weighed her and was 32 pounds exactly. She peed in a cup, they tested it, and I was correct in my assumption. She had a UTI. This is her second infection in 5 months, so the doc wants to do some more searching to see if there is an underlying cause to the infections.

This morning, I took this little mischievous guy in for his 2 year old check up!

He weighed in at 31 3/4 pound! That's right! My kids weigh a McDonald's hamburger of a difference! Crazy huh? He is in the 84 percentile for weight! He is such a big boy! He is 35 1/4 inches tall, which is the 63 percentile. Keep growing little buddy! Daddy wants you to play football!

Everything else looked good with him and the doctor even thinks his scars on his bum from last month will go away completely! YAY!

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