Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Random Thoughts

- This morning I went to a contact kick boxing class! It was AWESOME! I was way better than I expected to be and had a ton of fun! Anyone watch The Bachelorette this week? Bring it on Ames! Oh and P.S. if I ever meet Bentley, you better believe I will be using some of my new moves on him!

- Speaking of AWESOME, that is Gage's new favorite word. Everything around here is AWE-SUUUUUUUM! And he's pretty dang cute, I might add.

- Gage also thinks the word "wet" is funny! He will say it and every time he follows with this little chuckle like he is thinking "I'm, the funniest guy in the world!" His mommy doesn't think it's so funny when he dumps out his cereal on the table just so he can splash in the milk and say "wet" and laugh hysterically!

- You wanna know what word I think is funny? Hanky. Not like the abbreviation for handkerchief. Maisey calls things that she doesn't like hanky. I have no idea where she got it from. She usually uses it as an adjective, like calling something ugly, but she also used it as a verb yesterday while we were packing her suitcase. There is a brand new Gymboree outfit hanging in her closet, tags still on, and she won't wear it because she hanks it.

- Maisey is also obsessed with death and people dying. I had to take her to the hospital a few weeks ago and she was so curious about where people die and where Papa died and she is always asking me about how Papa died. When I was in Utah in April I bought her this book called "What Happens When People Die." I thought it would help put her mind at ease, but she is still very interested in the subject. She was playing with her cousin the other day and he got hurt and said, "I'm dying!" This really freaked her out. Her pediatrician was also talking to me last week about her repeat UTI's and was talking about how her kidney could die if we don't take care of the issue (more to come on that later!). Her eyes got huge and she was so scared. Anyone have ideas on how to discuss death with a very smart 3 year old?

- On a happier note, yesterday, I made these:
I got the idea from here and here. I also made a brown pair yesterday, and I might make Maisey a matching white pair! :) I love how they turned out!

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