Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Week 1: Lagoon

On Tuesday, we headed to Lagoon. Janel met us there, and Grammy surprised us and came up from Provo for a few hours. The kids were so excited to have them with us, but they were more excited about the rides. My kids are ride-addicts! They seriously LOVE all rides and love to do them by themselves. The only ride they didn't like was the bumper cars. I thought that would be one of Gage's favorites because he loves to crash his cars at home, and I didn't worry about Maisey at all. Gage started crying about half way through because some kid kept crashing into him over and over again. I felt bad, but it was funny to see him get so sad. He hardly ever cries about things like that.

The whole fam on the swings!

Maisey has this fascination with ferris wheels. We had to ride it last year too. I don't mind them until you get stuck at the top for 15 minutes.

Or until you ride it with a maniac 2 year old who doesn't hold still. There were definitely a few times when I was scared he was going to fall out!

Our next ride was a boat ride. Not THE boat ride (see below), but still a fun boat ride.

Look at my brave girl! She surprised me all day!

Before Grammy headed back down to Provo to help with Baby Brock, she watched the kids so Shaun, Janel, and I could go on a couple of rides. The kids thought it was fun watching us on this ride and also on the adult bumper cars. We tried riding them to show them that they weren't really scary!

After Grammy left, we rode the lift back across the park to hit up a few rides on the other side. When he got off, Shaun said it probably wasn't a good idea for Gage to be on that ride. He had to hold on to Gage pretty tight.

Maisey and I enjoyed a nice, quiet ride!

This is THE boat ride. The pirate ship!!! Maisey rode this ride probably 8 times. I rode it the first time with her and almost got sick! She loved it, so Janel and Daddy were good sports and rode it all the other times with her.

They totally owned this ship! Once again, she surprises me!

While they rode the pirate ship over and over and over again, Gage and I rode a much gentler ride, the train! A couple of times!

Then we got off, but kept watching! It kept him entertained for the rest of the afternoon!

The day started off super HOT but breezy, then rainy, then overcast for the rest of the afternoon. It was really a great day! The kids had fun, the parents had fun, and I hope Janel and Grammy had fun! We really want to make Lagoon a tradition for our family! Such great memories were made this day!

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that's what she said...

what a fun trip to lagoon! i would've been really nervous on the ferris wheel and lift too with my boys. eek, i don't even want to think about it.