Sunday, June 12, 2011


We've been keeping busy! What's new, right?

Today, Shaun and I played in the Rick Olsen Memorial Golf Tournament! It's a Stake golf tournament that my dad used to organize every year, and since he's died, his two good friends renamed it, and now organize it every year. We hadn't played since last year's golf tournament, and it showed! Haha! We had a few good shots here and there, but we were mainly there to have fun. We played with our friends, John and Tish, and my mom. My mom won an award for closest female to the pin! Way to go mom! But we finished at 10 over par! YIKES!

 Tonight, the kids and I had a movie night. We laid on their couches, ate popcorn, and watched Cars! My kids are so fun!

 Gage is so funny because he is very particular about things! Just like his mommy and daddy! He lines up all of his trains just so, then drives one out of the line at a time. He cracks me up!

 I happened to capture the 5 minutes of the day that they weren't arguing, hitting, crying, etc. Isn't it sweet?

 He tries to fit as many toys into this dump truck as he can, then wheels it around the house! He also does it with a stroller. He gets so frustrated when things start falling out!

Maisey is really into jewelry right now! Lately, she has been playing in all of mine, but I put that to an end quickly last week when she took out EVERY.SINGLE.PIECE of jewelry I own and laid it all out on my bed. Now she is limited to her own jewelry box, which apparently has PLENTY in it!!!

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