Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Disappointing Wheel of Fortune

The following explains about the whole Wheel of Fortune Process and was copied and pasted from our local ABC station's website! (that just saved me a lot of time!)

* There are three Wheel of Fortune shows during each day of a Wheelmobile event. Each show lasts approximately one hour.
* Everyone who comes to a Wheelmobile event will receive a color-coded application. The color of the application tells you what time the game you are eligible for will begin.
* Fill out your application and drop it in a nearby receptacle. Just before show time, we will put all the applications in a big golden drum that sits on the stage.
* When the show begins, our Wheelmobile host will pick applications at random from the drum and call participants up to the stage (in groups of five) to play the game.
* On stage, we will do a brief interview with each contestant and play a version of the Wheel of Fortune Speed-Up Round.
* Each person who comes up to the stage will be evaluated as a potential contestant for the show. At the end of the puzzle all contestants on stage will be awarded a prize. (Wheel of Fortune hats, t-shirts and duffle bags are just some of the stuff you might win.)
* Wheel of Fortune is looking for good game players who are energetic, enthusiastic and fun. This is your opportunity to shine. Show us what you’ve got!
* After the Wheelmobile event in your area has been conducted, we will choose the people we believe will be the best candidates for the show (based on their overall performance on stage) to take part in a final round of auditions. These final auditions will take place in the Pacific Northwest within a few months after our last event date.
* We will get as many people up to the stage as we can. However, we know there will be many more folks at our Wheelmobile events than we can possibly audition. For this reason, we will reserve some slots in the final auditions for those individuals who attended Wheelmobile events but did not make it up to the stage. After all Wheelmobile events have been conducted, we will draw a number of names at random from all the applications we receive in the Pacific Northwest for these slots.
* If you are invited to the final auditions, you will receive a letter or email within a few weeks of our last Wheelmobile event.

So when we got to the Chinook Winds Casino, the line for even getting the application was long! The picture below is of this HUGE tent and the line wrapped all around inside the tent and then came out the other end! I tried to take a picture of the inside, but this is the best that I could get!

This is a picture of the line coming out of the big white tent and into the casino!

Thanks for coming with me mom!

Me with the Wheel Mobile in the background! HOW COOL!!!

We dropped our Yellow applications in this bin! Each color had 1000 applications! So there were 998 other people who were in the show with my mom and I!

This is a picture of the stage! In the middle is the board, and off to the left is the prize table with the Wheel of Fortune hats, shirts, cups, bags, and fanny packs! Yes, that's right. . . FANNY PACKS! Oh I wanted one so bad!

The "Pat Sajak" of the Wheel Mobile, Marty, interviewing someone on stage.
During 90% of these interviews I would get so frustrated because I knew that most of these people would not even make it on the show!!! They were just wasting spots for people like me who actually had a shot of being on the show!
So we sat through the hour-long show next to the most obnoxious lady possible, and neither of us got called up! I didn't cry, but I was pretty bummed!!!
So we headed to the Lincoln City Outlets to do some no-kid therapeutic shopping. Except, we had no luck, so it just made me even more bummed!
So then we headed to Kylos, a restaurant with a really yummy Asian Chicken Salad. Well, at least they used to have one! It wasn't on the menu anymore, so my mom and I just shared a mediocre salad and then decided to head home before we could disappoint ourselves anymore!
I snapped a picture of the Ocean before heading out! At least it wasn't foggy and you could actually see the water! :)
Thanks Jenn for watching the kids in the morning and Shaun for keeping them all afternoon! I was gone for a total of 10 hours, which was a much needed break! That was the longest I have ever been away from Gage! It was pretty crazy, however, I was glad to come back home to my kids!

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