Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June 1-7 - Music Program and Golf Tourney


The kids love eating outside any chance that they get!

Pre-celebratory ice cream for Maisey's music program because Daddy had to miss it the next night. 

This kid can never take a normal picture!!

She loooooves Sissy's top bunk. Nervous Mom doesn't love how much she likes it up there!

Gage needed a nap sooooo bad and I let him sleep because we had Maisey's program that night and I figured some extra rest wouldn't hurt. Unfortunately, Miley would not leave him alone! It's not very often that he is asleep when she isn't!

Maisey and her friends before the program started.

Maisey is in the back row, 4th from the left. She sang her little heart out!

Miley kept busy with her Frozen characters.
 And apparently the nap didn't really help Gage. Shaun couldn't be there because he had meetings at the church (did I mention he just got called to be the ward executive secretary? Hello 5:30 am bishopric meeting!!! NO THANKS!)  It was one of those nights where in hindsight I should have hired a sitter. He was out of control, and at the end while I was talking to the principle, he ran out into the parking lot and was inches from getting hit by a car. I was screaming at him to stop and it was so embarrassing. That kid is going to be the death of me, just saying!

Anyway, this was Maisey's final song of the night. She was so awesome, and I felt bad the focus was taken off of her because of her brother's behavior!


This day was my last time teaching art in the first grade!

I had such a fun time getting to know each one of them this year! But I especially loved getting to see Maisey in her element. Pretty soon she is going to be too cool to be seen with her mom at school. 

Apparently the effects of yesterday carried over to today! That boy needs sleep, but he fights it more than anyone! I wish he understood he would be so much happier if he was well rested!

During nap time I got my paint on! Shaun and I were asked to design photo booths for the end of the school year field day! 

After Shaun got home, I ran over to the driving range. My dad's golf tournament was coming up, and I had to get a little practice in!


In the morning, I ran to the park. Usually I push both kids in the stroller, but Gage begged to ride his bike. I let him, expecting to have to stop a lot and put his bike on top of the stroller on the way home. I was pleasantly surprised at how well he did! He was super speedy and he was often waiting for me and the street corners. And he rode both ways with out any complaining. It was probably 2.5 miles round trip!

Miss Sass-A-Frass thinks she is queen of the playground. She makes me so nervous with how brave she is!

I rewarded Gage for great behavior (he was an angel today compared to the rest of the week) by letting him help me paint during quiet time. He thought that was pretty neat!

That night, Shaun and I finished the castle together. He was just making sure a head could fit in there!


My sister told me about the app Fooducate. You can scan all sorts of products and it gives them a grade based on how processed they are, how much sugar they have, and their nutritional value. It's so fun to go around scanning things, and the biggest surprise for me was these chicken nuggets! They are a B- which I thought was pretty good for a frozen nugget! We have started trying to eat only things that have an A or B grade.

I put the finishing touches on the photo booths this afternoon! The kids are going to love them!

Miley earned herself her first time out! She was pretty traumatized, but it was well deserved and well taken!


Golfing with my mom at the Stake Golf Tournament! Sure wish my dad was with us!

I was running errands this morning and picked up the babysitter late and rushed home to leave for golf. In the rush of everything, I totally forgot to change my shoes! Who golfs in Toms? And sparkly ones at that!! I felt like an idiot!

We played with some great friends and had a blast!

After the tournament we rushed over to our friend's high school grad party! 

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Danielle said...

5:30 am mtgs??? Yikes! matt is ward clerk and he's done 6am ones but anything starting with a '5' is a whole different ballpark. I can't believe your ward starts at 8. do you actually have any teenagers on time? ;)