Tuesday, June 24, 2014

May 27-May 31 - Preschool Grad and Hiking SCF


Since we made a new summer list for this year, we finally took down last years!!! 


On this afternoon, the principal from Maisey's school emailed my friend and I and asked if we would be willing to be on the executive board (WAAPO) next year. Neither of us wanted to be president, so we settled by being "co-presidents". This is totally crazy and I was looking forward to having both big kids in school next year and lots of free time to do things with Miley. BUT, I feel like we can bring a lot to the board and to the school, so it will be good. . . I think!!!

What is up with kids' obsession with the red balls at Target? Everytime we go, Miley has to touch them and I see other kids doing it as well. Today was my last day until next school year running errands with just Miley. EEEK!!! 

Gage and I got our Princess Uno on during quiet time today!


Gage and Miley played together all morning while I got some things done. Gage was so sweet pretending to put Miley to bed!


Today was a big day at our house! We had a jog-a-thon runner and a preschool graduate!!
Ready or not Kindergarten, here we come!!!

These two women put up with a lot from this dude during the year!

Love this boy and his thumbs-up!

His teacher talked about each student and used a word to describe each of them. Gage's was charismatic! 

Miley snuck up there and wanted to be talked about too!

Love this preschool grad!!

When we got home I was checking out his packet that got sent home with some of his work through out the year. I saw this page and thought it was pretty funny. Of course his favorite thing from Thanksgiving would be his cheese and ketchup sandwich!

Some of the things his teacher thinks about him!


We had ward building cleaning assignments this day! Maisey's job was to hang with all of the babies! She didn't mind one bit!

Then we set off to hike Silver Creek Falls! That was such a fun family outing!

After hiking we decided to go eat all of the calories that we burned off! EZ Orchard's strawberry shortcake stand was just the place for us!

And then we went to the park to play with friends!

You better bet the kids slept well that night! :)

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