Thursday, June 26, 2014

June 22-26:Train Park and Swimming Lessons


We visited the Molalla Tain Park

Miley wasn't too sure about riding on them

But the big kids had lots of fun!


We stuck around the house Monday morning and got some chores done so we could have fun in the afternoon.
Gage earned himself a time out and Miley wanted to keep him company!
Miley discovered the world of dress-up accessories! Thank goodness for a big sister who is out of school and can show her the ropes!

We played at the Wilsonville water park in the afternoon! We stayed for 3 hours!!

The kids were surprisingly so good and it was just the outing I needed to regain faith in my parenting skills!

We stopped at Sonic on the way home for 1/2 price slushes!

Then we headed to swim lessons. The kids each advanced to the next class at the end of last summer, so today was their first try in the new levels. Gage did a great job, and has a class full of boys which is perfect for him!

Maisey's also did a great job, but her class was pretty challenging for her. They had them diving off the side, gliding, rolling over, and doing the back stroke back. She felt pretty overwhelmed, but she did a great job for her first day!


Maisey found a breakfast recipe in on of her magazines and tried it all by herself! Her sibling happily tasted her creations.

By lunch time we were all itching to get out of the house! We headed up to Daddy's work and met him for a picnic! The kids loved getting to see dad during the day!

Gage went to a birthday party at Get Air, an indoor trampoline park. I thought after two hours of bouncing he would have bounced all of his wiggles out. Not the case! How does he have so much energy? Luckily he was going to Grandma's for a sleep over afterward!


Grammy kept Gage most of the morning while I got some packing done at home. She took him to McDonald's for breakfast and let him get some ice cream after he ate his pancakes. Grammy is the best!

Maisey and Miley continued  to play dress up all morning, while I worked! I love that Maisey is such a good babysitter!

That afternoon, Daddy came home from work a bit early to swim with the kids before and after their lessons! Our Daddy sure is the best!


I love this picture! Miley is sitting on Maisey's American Girl doll bike and she even has a little puppy dog in the front basket!

We went to see the Reptile Man at our library. The snapping turtle was pretty snappy and those snakes. . . EEK!!!

And now we are headed to St. George and then to Grandpa and Grandma Grimmett's! 

YAY for summer vacations!!

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Danielle said...

I am seriously amazed you sat and read through that much of my blog, lol. I'm giving you a knuckles through my screen. And yes, we should! I'm not sure when....but sometime. I've got a non-walking 6 year old at the moment (I think it's a bad pulled muscle). Maybe once he's mobile and I'm not carrying him everywhere.