Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June 8-14: Last Day of School and Summer Starts!!!


Today was our first day getting ready for 8 am church with out Daddy. And we were on time, woot woot! Last time I had to get kids ready by myself for 8 am church I only had two of them. Things will be crazy for the rest of the year!

After church we headed to a friend's graduation party. I used to babysit her when I was a teenager! It's fun to see her all grown up and getting ready for BYU!!

After the party, we stopped by Papa's cemetery. Gage was very stoic and it seemed like he was deep in thought.


We headed to Salem for Miley's 2 year old check up! She did really well, until it was time for her final shot before her kindergarten shots at her 5 year old check-up.
Gage, however, was continuing on from his streak the week before and was awful! Last time I take him to the doctor with me. He kept trying to climb up on the table while the doc was checking out Miley, he colored on the walls, and when the doctor set down his lighted tool thing that he uses to look in eyes, nose, ears, throat, Gage picked it up, shined it in his eyes, then dropped it on the ground. Ugh, so embarrasing!

I don't think I have ever expressed on here how much I HATE typo's in professional documents. If you get paid to write or send publications, it should be ERROR free!!! This was an email I got from our city on Monday afternoon. Do you see the typo?

I got to help in Masiey's classroom in the afternoon. She asked her teacher if she could bring in a book from home for their afternoon story time. Her teacher was starting to read it when Maisey asked if she could. I was working at the teacher's desk and had to snap this picture. She is such an animated reader and she kept her whole class entertained with her story! Love that first grader!!


We went to a birthday party at the splash park. Of course that would be my kid sitting on the fountain!

Miley was all about the party hat and cupcakes!

That afternoon I was folding laundry in my room and I heard Gage yell, "Hey Mom! Come quick, I have a big pile of poop!!!" You better believe I dropped what I was folding and went running out. Luckily it was a pile of poop play-doh! He even pretended to put on gloves and used his pooper-scooper shovel to clean it up! He is such a boy!


We went out to Grammy's school for lunch for the last time this year!

Gage brought his friend Rachael with us! He loves playing school, but sometimes Grammy and I aren't the best students, so he loved having someone just his age to play with!

My totally awesome neighbor brought me doughnuts! We were talking the other night about how we don't have a good doughnut shop in town and how I was totally craving a good doughnut! She was telling me about a place in a town 20 minutes away. Then a few days later she showed up with a dozen of them! 

We bought and put together Daddy's Father's Day gift tonight! Now we just need a free evening to try it out!


We made it to the last day of school, Waaahooo!!! She gave her teacher and principle s'mores kits for the summer!

I brought Gage with me and we helped at field day, which was a knight's theme. Here is Maisey crossing the "mote".

Gage loved posing in the photo booths that we made!

He also loved the "castle building" with all of these huge boxes. That station kept him busy for two hours!

Maisey and her teacher that finished out the year with them!

Miley spent the morning at a friend's house playing tea party. I'm so glad I have such great friends who like to do babysitting swaps! There is no way I would have been of any help if she was tagging along!

That night we celebrated both kids' hard work during the school year with a trip to Red Robin!

And we ended the night reading Barbie books on the couch! Such a sweet picture!

Later that night I was looking through Maisey's bag from school and found these papers. I loved them and thought they wrapped up her first grade year nicely.


Friday was our first official day of summer! We all stayed in bed until 8 am! Crazy how I consider that sleeping in now!! :) 

 We headed to the library to sign up for the summer reading program. The kids each checked out some books. Masiey checked out three chapter books and one story book. She read all afternoon and by bedtime had finished all four books! Her favorite of them all was the first Diary of a Wimpy Kid book. We will have to check out the rest of them during the summer!

 That evening we headed to the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes baseball game.

 Crater was a big hi!

 And so were the sno-cones. Unfortunatly the game was not such a hit! The Volcanoes lost by 9, if I remember right! But we still had a fun time and enjoyed the fireworks after the game.

Funny story: My mom watched Miley during the baseball game. This was my conversation with Miley the next morning.

ME: Miley did you have fun with Grammy last night?
MILEY: Uh-huh
ME: Did Grammy push you in the swing?
MILEY: Uh-huh
ME: Did Grammy read you books?
MILEY: Uh-huh
ME: What else did you do with Grammy?
MILEY: Grammy go nigh-night!

I started laughing so hard. My barely-talking two year old just told on her Grammy for sleeping on the job! I called my mom and asked her about it and she admitted to maybe closing her eyes on the couch for a little bit! Haha!


 Fishing at the St. Louis Ponds. The kids were so determined to catch a fish, but it just wasn't happening! :(

 While Dad and the big kids were fishing, my mom and I were making strawberry jam. We were trying a new recipe this year and we didn't quite have the routine down yet. My mom was stirring a batch, while mashing berries for the next batch, while I was working at the stove. It was a crazy morning, but I have so much fun working beside my mom.

 Miley stayed home with us and "helped" with jam. Mostly she had free reign of the house and showed up in the kitchen wearing socks and flip flops.

 Gage learned how to ride his bike with no training wheels! This was his second time trying and it just clicked for him. He wasn't the best at using his brakes, but that will come! :)

We ended the day and week and our ward BBQ. It was fun socializing with ward members that we usually don't get a chance to visit with.

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