Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Girls Trip to Colorado

We had such a fun trip to Colorado. All of my sisters and my mom were all there. Miley was the only girl from the whole entire family who wasn't there. :( But I sure enjoyed spending time with my big girl and my sisters.


We left for the airport very early on Thursday morning. This girl was so giddy to fly! She flew so many times when she was free to fly but doesn't remember any of them. 

It is so fun traveling with a big kid who can entertain and behave herself on a flight!

Once we arrived in SLC we rented our car and started heading south. We quickly stopped at two stores that we don't have here in Oregon. I loved driving by Provo. I'm hoping this summer that we can stop by campus!

We stopped at Cracker Barrel for a quick lunch.

We met some old family friends there. My friend Jana was so nice to let us hold her new baby. And my mom loved catching up with her friend as well. It had been a few years since we had gotten together!

We made it into Colorado!

We were in such a hurry to get there so we could get to the circus on time! It was fun to spend the evening with cousins. . . and clowns! Their little town's circus was surprisingly entertaining. Better than the big circus we went to in Salem a few years ago!

Our morning started off waking up early, again! My sister wanted my mom and I to work out with her at her gym. Then we came home, stuffed our faces with crepes, then headed out to play tennis! 

After tennis, we drove to Grand Junction. I had Maisey ride in our car because she had gotten a total of 10 hours of sleep over the last two nights. She was asleep before we even got out of their neighborhood!

We ate a Cafe Rio, which was delish! Then we did what my family does best: SHOP!!!

That evening, Grammy and I were in charge of babysitting all of the kids while my sister and brother in law went to their high school graduation. 

Later that night, my two other sisters got into town. Let the fun begin!

This was the whole reason for our trip! Maisey's cousin was getting baptized! 

Maisey was loving on all the babies that were there!

And I think she was getting a little jealous of all of the attention Grammy was giving the grandkids that she doesn't see very often!

All of my family that was at the baptism! What a special day for Shayla!

After the baptism we all headed to the rec center for some swimming. Again, a perk of only bringing my oldest, most capable child with me was that I got to sit on the side of the pool, soak my feet and chat!!!

We stopped at the Sno-Shack that opened just in time for us! Tiger's Blood and Wedding Cake proved to be the best combo!

We went to church and Maisey got to go with Shayla to her primary class.

The girls were struggling to get along this afternoon, so in an attempt to change attitudes and get them playing well together again, I did a salon with them. We did nails and REAL makeup. They were so excited that they got to wear mascara! I'm pretty sure Maisey has asked for it everyday since then!

We celebrated Kate and Kelsey's birthday and the girls found crowns for them to wear!

Kelsey gave Maisey a 5 minute piano introduction and now she is begging for lessons!

The big birthday dinner! I made the carne asada that Shaun made for Mother's Day! Again, it did not disappoint! Everyone loved it!

The girls helped decorate the fruit pizza we made as Kate and Kelsey's "birthday cake"

Later that evening we played the Olsen Family Memory Game that I had made all of my sisters for Christmas several years ago. Kelsey had to go back to her hotel, we definitely missed her!

We also played dominoes, which Kate won! 

When I went to bed that night I had to snap this picture of the girls. It was nice to see them cuddled up to each other after a lot of arguing and fighting that day!

MONDAY (Memorial Day):
Again, we had to get up very early to head back to Salt Lake! I saw the sunrise 3 times on my trip! Before that, I couldn't even tell you the last time I saw a sunrise! Needless to say, I was soooo tired! 

We met up with my aunt Sue for breakfast and then headed to the airport to return the car and wait at our gate.

While we were waiting at our gate we watched a serviceman say a teary goodbye to his family. As he boarded the plane I couldn't help by shed a tear as I watched his teenage son try to comfort a hysterical wife. It definitely made me really appreciate Memorial Day for what it is!

I loved walking through security and seeing these two! I was swarmed with hugs and kisses! I asked Gage what his favorite thing he did while I was gone and he told me it was when I came home! Now if that didn't melt my heart, I'm not sure what would!

We had such a fun trip and we are looking forward to seeing our cousins again in just a few weeks!


Desiree said...

Aaron is starting piano lessons in the Fall, he finally started asking to take them. That's the best time to start is when they are asking! You guys always have so much fun!

Danielle said...

what a fun trip with everyone! and I love that you made your own family game!!