Sunday, January 18, 2015

Dec. 7-13 - Work Christmas Party, Annie Pre-Screening, and Christmas Activities


Shaun was the star of singing time in Primary! The kids thought it was so funny that he was blind folded and had a hard time getting his bow on top of his present!

Family movie night was Home Alone. I didn't realize how many bad words/inappropriate parts are in that movie until I watched it with a 5 and 7 year old! EEEK!!!


I caught my very resourceful 2 year old helping herself to a snack after I got out of the shower!

We had the missionaries for dinner and I have to report it went much better than last month! We had ham sliders, which baked the way they should and Shaun was on time coming home from work! :)


I was trying to take a picture the bottom of my jeans with my boots to send to my sister but my full length mirror was in the girls' room and Miley was sleeping. So I did the next best thing and stood on the edge of the kids' tub and took a selfie in the mirror. What you don't see in this picture is that I lost my balance, fell, and pulled the shower curtain down with me!

This picture is blurry but we spent the evening at Shaun's work Christmas party. I played black jack while he spent the night playing craps! 

Loved our night out together!

This was our dessert plate! Don't worry, we shared!

For every $500 in poker chips you turned in, you got a raffle ticket! That's right, I made $4,500 playing black jack! Too bad it wasn't real money!!

But I did win a blue tooth device, which we took back and got a $20 Best Buy gift card. Not the same as $4,500 but I'll take it!


I ordered my Christmas cards two weeks before Thanksgiving, hoping to have them all addressed, stamped and ready to mail by Thanksgiving so I wouldn't have to worry about them with all the rest of the Christmas chaos. Yeah, that didn't happen! But I did finish them up and get them mailed off!

I must have been feeling very productive this day because I also cleaned out my purse, and the purse that I had replaced a month ago! 2 purses worth of garbage and junk! Haha!


Miley and I ran to the mall to grab a few gifts for Shaun. Miley through an EPIC fit in one of the stores that a store employee came and asked if I needed help. Super embarrassing! Needless to say, we cut our shopping trip early and headed home for naps!!


Maisey's class went on a field trip to the Mission Mill museum. They got to dress like pioneers and sit in an old classroom and pretend like they were students. They each had their own chalkboards and the "teacher" even put one of the kids in timeout which meant they had to stick their nose through a little hole in the wall. The kids thought that was pretty funny!

The mill tour was pretty boring for the kids. It was more appropriate for middle school aged kids. And it didn't help that we had an 80+ year old with a cane and a hearing aid as our tour guide. But Maisey and I still had fun spending the morning together!

The big kids had their first sleep over in Gage's new room! 

I got four passes to a pre-screening of Annie, so Maisey and I invited our friends to join us!

Waiting for the movie to start!

I hadn't seen any previews of the movie, so I was shocked when I saw the cast for the first time! ;)

The girls really enjoyed the movie, and so did the mom's! It was super cute and one that we will redbox when it comes out!

Later that evening we went as a family to look at Christmas lights. I really liked this JOY sign with the nativity carved in the middle.

The kids loved the lights and the hot chocolate that we got!

I printed these scavenger hunt sheets for the big kids to find while we were driving around! By the end they had found them all!

Once we got home and got the kids in bed I pulled out my primary lesson to start preparing. Once I read the title I asked Shaun if he would teach it for me. I would have a hard time teaching that one!

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