Sunday, March 7, 2010

An AWESOME week of deals!

What a GREAT week for deals!
24 Double Rolls of TP
12 BIG rolls of Paper Towel
30 boxes of Fruit Snacks
12 boxes of Kleenex
3 boxes of Tampons
3 packages of Pads
2 Lip Treatments
6 Powerades (Shaun drank one before I could take the pic)
5 packages Fudge Shoppe Cookies
5 Bananas
2 Prego Pasta Sauces
5 lb. box of Clementines
4 Catalinas
*** Missing from pictures -- $5 target gift card***
Spent: $40.46
Saved: $174.29
RR, Catalinas, and Gift Cards left to use: $24.5o
TOTAL out of pocket cost: $15.96
Not too bad huh?
The best part is we actually needed tp, paper towels and kleenex.


Jenny said...

That's amazing. I've been trying to get into couponing based on what you've been sharing, but I just don't seem to be finding deals on stuff we actually buy and use. I'm not patient, though. Reading what you are doing is a good motivator!

Brandon and Angela Hoopes said...

That is awesome! I got a lot of the same things, but I didn't get the kleenex and we can always use kleenex at our house! Must have missed that deal.

McCoy AZ Home Seaerch said...

Absolutely LOVE it! It is best when you really needed it too!

Mich and Nate said...

Em, I need a new hobby! I have been wanting to do couponing for such a long time but haven't had the that I quit my job and mother hood is finally getting more managable I need to start something new! I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting good deals so this is so for me! I have no idea where to begin....would you mind teaching me???? My number is (801) 792-6216 or email michsoccer4@yahoo if you wouldn't mind I would love to here how it works!!!!