Thursday, March 18, 2010

Female and Fabulous -- Part 2

Tonight was the BIG night! The unveiling!!!
And she looked FANTASTIC!

The picture that they took of her before they did anything!

Walking on the stage! Check out those wedges!

She looks SO.DANG.CUTE!!!!

The 3 makeover winners

Mom and I post show!

The fan club!
(Janel Grimmett, Helen Curry, Kelly Kercheski, Laurie Nelson, Judy Olsen, Emily Grimmett, Jenn Nicoli, 2 ladies from my mom's school -- not quite sure what there names were.)

It was such a fun night! My mom was so graceful and poised. The show kind of reminded me of when my sisters did Jr. Miss. They asked her questions that she wasn't prepared for, but she still did wonderful!

Let's be honest. . . My mom is incredible!


Nathan and Whitney said...

She looks beautiful!

DaNae said...

What a babe!

Anonymous said...

She looks absolutely beautiful! Good for her!!!!

that's what she said...

Hot mama!!! Looks like it was fun!