Monday, April 19, 2010

The Grimmett Zoo

We had Gage's 1st birthday party on Saturday! It was zoo themed, and it really was a zoo. I think we had 36 people there! 17 kids! But it turned out great, and everybody had a fun time!

-- Prep --

The front of the invite!

The inside of the invite!

We had games out in the garage: Animal bowling, pin the tale on the Zebra, animal mask making, and face painting.

I made some monkeys with my cricut and hung green streamers in our family room so the monkeys could "hang out"!

At the front door I put up this large giraffe and cut out some brown spots. The guests got to write little birthday wishes for Gage on the spots and tape them to the giraffe. (I took a picture of the giraffe with all of the spots on it, then I took the spots off the giraffe and I'm going to put them in his scrapbook)

This is Gage's monkey cake that I made. It was my first time experimenting with fondant! It didn't turn out too bad!

Maisey's new bff -- Koko

-- Let's get this party started --

Maisey got a zebra painted on her face.

Some of the guests making their animal masks

We had an appearance from Tallulah the Lion (Auntie Janel). I was pretty sure Gage was going to love her and Maisey was going to hate her. But it was the exact opposite. Gage wanted nothing to do with her.

And Maisey couldn't get enough of her. Maybe this helped her overcome her fears of costumed people!

Porter playing Pin the Tail on the Zebra

Tallulah the Lion leading the kids out the door to start the animal parade.

Tallulah reading zoo stories to the kids.

Gage opening his gifts.
He got some awesome toys and I'm pretty sure he LOVES all of them!

Gage digging in to his mokey cake. He didn't eat too much of it at the party, but he did the next morning for breakfast!

All of the other kids were served a cupcake, gummy bears, animal cookies, and a banana!

All in all it was a great party! I just wish my house was a little bigger to accomodate all of our friends!

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