Monday, April 12, 2010


I completed the Spring Burst 10k in Cook Park on Saturday. Yes, I COMPLETED it! Running the whole time, might I add.

My game plan was as follows:
Miles 1-4: Jog at a pace of 12 min/mile
Mile 5: walk
Mile 6 and .2: Jog at a little faster pace

Well, I missed the 4 mile marker. The wind must have blown it over! So I ran miles 1-5. I couldn't walk the last mile -- that's just lame -- so I ran it all! Adrenaline and determination really carried me through! I couldn't believe I did it! I felt on top of the world, almost like I could conquer anything I wanted. It was such an incredible feeling. . . and it was only a 10k!

That best part about the day was the fact that everything went right with my body! It was A.MAZ.ING! My nose was clear and I was able to actually breath through it. I was side-ache free for the whole 6.2 miles, even though they had plagued me through out my training last week. My feet didn't ache! I LOVE my new running shoes! Everything about the day was just perfect.

I really feel that in 2 months I will be ready for the Helvetia Half. I mean, it's only a little over twice what I just did and I still have 2 more months to prep for it! Plus Shaun and I ran 3 miles tonight, and it was EASY! 3 weeks ago, I would have never, never, never said that!

Grammy and the kiddos trying to stay warm while they cheer on Mommy!

I'm the 5th from the front with the pink shorts!

The Home Stretch!

Crossing the finish line!

My friend who ran it with me! Actually she ran it ahead of me! :) But we signed up for it together!
Race Stats:
Time: 1 hour 16 minutes 11 seconds
Pace: 12 minutes 17 seconds
Place: 72 overall, 44 women


that's what she said...

that's awesome! glad everything worked out so perfectly! wish i could've done it with you-would've been fun! :)

Nathan and Whitney said...

Good job emily!! That is awesome!!!

DaNae said...

Nice job! You will totally be able to do a 1/2. Running is so rad right?!

Lisa said...

Way to go girl!

Brandon and Angela Hoopes said...

Great job! I was looking at some of your older posts & I realized that the comments I made did not show up. I'm wondering if I forgot to push the comment button:) Oh well!

Anonymous said...

That's so awesome, congratulations! You should get Shaun to bring you back to Spokane some year to run Bloomsday - it's also a 10k but 50,000 people run it and it's sooo much fun.

The Moore Family said...

That is so great! Good for you.